Welcome to the Save Our Water Toolkit!

We created these handy tools so your organization can help spread the word about water conservation. We're constantly updating and designing collateral so be sure to check back frequently for new materials!

Not yet a Partner?

No worries! Just shoot an email to Brendan W onnacott to be added to the Save Our Water partner list. As a partner you will receive program updates and other important information from the Save Our Water team.

Available for you: SOW & Californians Don't Waste materials

We created the toolkit with our partners in mind – these materials are designed to be customized with your organization’s logo and other key information. Included in the toolkit is the Save Our Water Style Guide, a handy tool to help you customize materials for your audience. As a statewide brand it is vital that we maintain consistency on the look, feel and content of information that you send out – so please take some time to review the guide. If you have any questions or have any special requests on content creation, please contact saveourwater@yahoo.com.
Please take a moment to review the Style Guide.

Save Our Water can provide all materials in “print ready” or designable format. Here's just some of the tools we have to offer your organization: 

Infographics & Flyers  
How to Garden in a Drought and Water Reduction themes, great to use as posters and handouts (also available in Spanish).
Public Service Announcements
:15 video PSAs (radio available in Spanish as well)
Ready-to-use art that can be used for billboards of all sizes.
Door Hangers, Hotel & Restaurant Cards
Handy materials to use with local businesses and neighbors.
Bill Stuffers
Another great method of getting the message out to your customers. 
Californians Don’t Waste Campaign Materials
*Updated frequently - these are the materials from our upcoming statewide campaign. We'll have radio spots and digital ads added in late April.
Social Media Graphics

Spread the message on your social media channels with these specially-tailored graphics.

Website Widget

Available to embed on your website.

Sample Newsletter Articles

Use in your organization's newsletter or magazine.


Additional Tools - For Your Website

Post a Save Our Water website button on your agency's website.

Add the Save Our Water or Sprinklers 101 logo to your water conservation material.

Add our water conservation video to your website.                    

Share our water-wise door hangers with your customers - and let them help spread the word about saving water!                                


Connect with Save Our Water

–Follow Save Our Water on Twitter @saveourwater, and on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

–Provide guest columns or suggest ideas for Save Our Water’s “Words to Save By” blog.  Contact Brendan Wonnacott with any ideas or draft blogs.

–Upload photos of water-wise plants and landscapes to the Save Our Water’s Garden of Idea’s webpage.

–“Like” our Facebook posts—we’ll do the same for your organization!

Use the water conservation video as social media content.


Join Our Partnerships & Promotions

–Promote the Save Our Water/Sunset partnership by adding a link to the Sunset Plant Finder on your agency’s website.

–Join in the “Change Your Clocks, Check Your Sprinklers,” "Plant Now, Save Later," “Summer Smart, Water Wise” and Save Our Water’s other seasonally-based campaigns.

– Provide names of local homeowners who have saved water through landscape changes for the Real People, Real Savings campaign.



Help Us Grow! 

If you have other ideas for implementing Save Our Water in your community, please contact Brendan Wonnacott.