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Welcome to Saveourh2o    

Are you confused about which water filters should be used in your home setup? Or are you pondering which hot water tanks work for your home?

Do you know how to install the heaters or water softeners or how to troubleshoot them?

Saveourh2o has all the answers to these questions and more! Go through our websites to know the best tips and guides!

Who are We           

Ronald Brown     


Hi, I am Ronald, founder of Saveourh2o. With this website, we aim to solve all the problems related to your water filters, softeners, and heaters. I have five years working in water equipment sales & service. I hope to bring the knowledge gathered from my daily work to help you to achieve comfort and safety in your home!


Natalie Bridges    


I am Natalie Bridges. You can call me Nat. I am the content creator of Saveourh2o. My main job is researching common concerns you need help with, and about your home’s water system. I aspire to incorporate Ronald’s experiences, and customers’ feedback on different products, as well as expert’s advice to offer you the most informative content.