Rain = No Need to Water Outdoors for Weeks

Recent rains across California are not enough to end the drought, but they are enough to eliminate the need to water lawns and landscaping for at least the next several weeks.

Water managers and landscape experts are urging all California residents, business owners and government agencies to shut off sprinklers and irirgation systems until soils dry and extra water is needed again.

Depending on local conditions and near-term weather, irrigation may not be needed for a month or more.

For more on how to shut off and re-program your sprinklers, read our Frequently Asked Questions document.

For information and online resources on water-efficient irrigation — including easy-to-understand facts about how residential sprinkler systems work, links to several sprinkler system manuals, information on drip irrigation and other smart ways to reduce landscape water use — click here.

Read a press release from the Department of Water Resources and UC Davis here.