Welcome to the Save Our Water Toolkit!

We created the Save Our Water toolkit with our partners organizations in mind – all materials are designed to be customized with your organization’s logo and other key information to help spread the word about water conservation.

Save Our Water is a statewide brand and it is vital to maintain consistency on the look, feel and general content of information that is sent out by partners. Please take some time to review the Save Our Water Style Guide – a handy tool to help you customize materials for your audience. If you have any special requests, please contact [email protected].

We’re constantly updating and designing collateral to help spread the word about water conservation, so be sure to check back frequently for new materials!

Be a Save Our Water Partner

As a partner, you will receive program updates and other important information from the Save Our Water team. Email [email protected] to be added to our partner list and start receiving updates today!

Save Our Water Toolkit: Collateral & Campaigns

All Save Our Water collateral are designed for our partners to use to help spread the word on water conservation and can be provided in print-ready or designable format upon request.

Along with special Save Our Water campaigns – including Californians Don’t Waste, Join the Effort, California Without Water, State Board Prohibitions and Energy Upgrade California– all general Save Our Water collateral listed below can be downloaded at any time for your use and distribution.

Infographics & Posters

Infographics and posters can also be used as flyers or handouts. Also available in Spanish.

  • How to Garden in a Drought
  • Indoors: Water Use Reduction Tips
  • Outdoors: Water Use Reduction Tips
  • Join the Effort
  •      California Drought Comic

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)

PSAs are quick 15 or 30 second videos or radio spots featuring water conservation messaging by community members, partner organizations as well as local, regional and national celebrities. Also available in Spanish.


Use these ready-to-go designs to be featured on a billboard near you and your communities to help spread water conservation messaging in a big way.

  • Californians Don’t Waste – Carwash
  • Californians Don’t Waste – Hose
  • Californains Don’t Waste – Timer

Social Media Graphics

Spread the water conservation message on your social media channels with these personalized graphics for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Visit our Save Our Water Facebook page for other helpful social media graphics, too.

Bill Stuffers

Bill stuffers are a helpful tool to reach your customers via mail.

  • Water Reduction Tips
  • Californians Don’t Waste

Postcards, Brochures & Handouts

Postcards can be used as handouts to help the general public, local businesses and hotel or restaurant patrons to learn more about water conservation.

  •      Water Conservation Tips for Employees
  •      Water Conservation Tips for State Employees
  •      Water Reduction Tips
  • Hotel (Californians Don’t Waste)
  • Restaurant (Californians Don’t Waste)

Door Hangers

Door hangers are a great way to leave helpful tips and reminders for all your neighbors, door to door.

  • Californians Don’t Waste

Lawn Signs 

Encourage neighbors to Join the Effort and embrace brown lawns during this extraordinary drought.

  • Join the Effort

Website Widgets, Buttons and Banners

Use widgets, buttons and banners to embed on your organization’s website to help spread the word on water conservation.

  • Daily Water Saving Tips Widget
  • Save Our Water Buttons and Banners

Newsletter Articles

Use these sample newsletter articles in your organization’s next newsletter, email blast or magazine.


Logos can be used to promote partnership with Save Our Water or any of our campaigns on any communications materials including websites, newsletters, social media, postcards and more.

  • Save Our Water
  • Californians Don’t Waste
  • Sprinklers 101

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