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The Best Ceramic Water Filters for 2023

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

best ceramic water filters

Drinking clean, healthy, and safe water is a priority. It is why households want to use the best ceramic water filter. This unit works by filtering water and making sure it is free of common contaminants that would otherwise cause disease. However, it is a challenging task to find the right filter out there without a clear idea of the things to compare when checking different filters. For this reason, we’ve created this buying guide that features the top picks on the market along with their pros, cons, and unique qualities.

For now, we’ll summarize the most crucial aspects you need to keep an eye out for when buying ceramic water filters. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to spot the item you need immediately.

  • Filter Type: Ceramic water filters come in various types, including ceramic filter candles, dome water filters, silver-incorporated units, activated carbon ceramics, and pre-filter socks. Most experts recommend ceramic filter candles implemented with activated carbon for the best results.
  • Contaminant-Removal Rating: Ceramic-only water filters are effective against microorganisms, especially bacteria and bacterial cysts. Adding other filtration systems to the unit can improve its performance. However, buyers must check how many impurities the water filter removes to make it worth the money. A 99% removal rate should be sufficient.
  • Filtration Capacity: All water filters have a finite lifespan, defined by the water volume they can screen before their filtration performance takes a drastic nosedive. To improve cost savings, buyers should pick a ceramic water filter with a high filtration capacity (e.g., 10,000 gallons or above).

Later, you can make a better decision in buying the right water filter for your needs.


Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

Zen Water 4G-MP


Premium Choice

AlexaPure Water Filtration


Most Durable

SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter


Table of Contents

Top 7 Ceramic Water Filter Reviews

1. Zen Water 4G-MP Water Purification System

Zen Water Vitality 4G-MP is a highly-promising countertop water purification system. It features a technology that surprises even detractors of ceramic water filters.

While most similar products only use ceramic filter candles to eliminate impurities, this system offers eight mechanisms to ensure safe and healthy water for everyone. It includes a micro-ceramic filter, Maifan mineral stones, a magnetic spigot, and a five-stage mineral canister.

These components offer five unique water treatment functions that few ceramic water filters can match, including the AlexaPure Pro. Removing bacteria, cysts, and sediments is a guarantee with this product. It also helps preserve water’s natural freshness, flavor, and health benefits.

The magnetizing spigot ensures better hydration and absorption. Heavy metals, phosphates, ammonia, radioactive elements, and nitrates are a goner with the ceramic water filter’s silver-impregnated carbon.

Drinking water from this water purification system is like taking supplements to boost metabolism, aid digestion, improve hair conditions, and strengthen the nails. Folks with high blood pressure, hormonal issues, and blood sugar abnormalities will love this filter’s remineralizing feature.

I bought this ceramic water filter when it was on sale. Despite its low price, I must admit that it still has an alluring ultra-sleek design that will never feel like an eyesore on the table or counter. It is stylish enough to elevate a kitchen’s aesthetics. Its holding tank is also spacious, being able to hold 4 gallons of water in total.

I wish the filter could screen more water between filter replacements. For example, AlexaPure Pro can filter 5,000 gallons of water. This ceramic water purifier can only manage a fifth of that before a replacement is necessary.

This ceramic water filter matches style with impeccable performance to give families a better choice, ensuring optimum health for everyone.

What We Like
  • Five-in-one water treatment functions
  • Eight water filtration technologies
  • Magnetizing spigot ensures better hydration and absorption
  • 4-gallon water storage compartment
  • Sleek, ultra-modern design
What We Don’t Like
  • Only 1,000-gallon filtration capacity

2. AlexaPure Water Filtration System

Families who want an affordable Walter Ceramic Water Filter should consider AlexaPure Pro. It might not be as elegant as Walter, but this filtration system is just as efficient in removing bacteria and other water impurities.

It is easy to imagine the many benefits families can get from this ceramic water filter’s 99.9999% contaminant removal rating. The system reduces sediments, chlorine, chloramine, bacteria, and more than 200 other water impurities.

I am surprised by this ceramic water filter’s 5,000-gallon filtration capacity, especially compared to the Zen Water Filter System’s 1,000-gallon rating. Whereas Zen can only last twelve months, this product will remain in good condition for five years with similar usage.

Inside its simple design is a spacious compartment for holding ceramic-purified water. This section can hold 2.25 gallons of the cleanest water anyone could imagine. The advantage of this setup is that families do not need to wait long to enjoy great-tasting, germ-free, and nearly zero-contaminant water.

Unlike other water filters that run on batteries or electricity, this ceramic filter relies on gravity to force the water through its filtration mechanism. This means families not only enjoy healthy water but also save on energy bills.

I love stainless steel products due to their rust-resistance capabilities and food-safe nature, and this water filter is no different. And since families can add three ceramic filters into the chamber, this water filter can increase its filtration capacity to 20,000 gallons.

Some users complain that this ceramic water filter dispenser has a slow water flow rate. Although I don’t experience this issue, it is normal for filters to reduce the water flow rate because contaminants cannot pass through the filter holes. It causes a bottleneck and impedes water molecule movement.

Now I understand why many homeowners love this ceramic water filter. Its filtration capacity and performance are worth every penny.

What We Like
  • 9999% water contaminant removal rate
  • 5,000-gallon filtration capacity
  • Can hold 2.25-gallon of purified water at once
  • Gravity-fed system requires no electricity
  • Robust and food-safe stainless steel construction with an expandable option
What We Don’t Like
  • Slow flow rate

3. SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter

With all the available ceramic water filtration systems in the market today, the SHTFandGO gravity water filter is the top-tier pocket and budget-friendly solution for home use. It is pegged as a filtration system with a speedy process time and quality output.

The top-rated gravity filters make its mark in the market with their reliability, speed, and quality, and this filter has these entire three characteristics. It utilizes a unique filter that has a smart build that will allow you to filter up to four gallons of water per hour. That alone is a testament to its fast output scheme.

Installing the filter is also another plus why I recommend it. It is effortless and will not take you more than 30 minutes to get it ready, secured, and prepared to function. It also comes with a water dispenser making it more convenient for you. Building it is very simple and user-friendly

You will need this filter in your household because no filter can have a quicker turnover than this, especially for emergency cases where clean and safe water is required. Folks living in remote areas that have challenges when it comes to access to clean water should have this readily available. It boasts a reliable filtration system, so all unhealthy contaminants are sure to be reduced, only producing healthy and fresh-tasting water.

When emergency strikes or any community warnings are issued, this kit will be your choice. It will reduce and remove giardia, bacteria, pathogens, and cysts with an impressive 99.99 percent efficiency. Its filtering process has also incorporated silver into the ceramic for further sterilization.

However, it does not include a dirty water container. Overall, if you want to have access to clean and safe water for the entire family without the complicated installations and the long wait time, the Gravity Water Filter Kit for DIY Purifier by SHTFandGO is your ideal product. It is efficient thanks to its gravity and pressurized filtration system.
What We Like
  • Impressive quick time to filter water
  • Easy installation and building process
  • Reliability to reduce contaminants
  • Perfect for domestic use and short travels
  • Quick speed pressurization
What We Don’t Like
  • It does not include a dirty water container

4. Doulton W9121200

Conveniently compatible with a perfect fit for Travel, Big, to Crown Berkey systems, this 7-inch, self-sterilizing ad re-cleanable filter system is a highly recommended buy. The Doulton W9121200 Super Sterasyl Candle Filter has an outer Sterasyl ceramic shell that has a GAC middle. The candles have a rounded end along with a plastic base to put them into the filtering housing.

This filtration system is designed and guaranteed to reduce harmful pathogenic bacteria, suspended solids, and other organic chemicals before we consume it. It also helps improve the odor and taste by removing residues of chlorine, rust, and other metallic elements from the water pool.

Aside from the Sterasyl ceramic shell, there is also Silver enclosed within the ceramic built, which stops the growth of bacteria. It is another feature that promotes cleanliness within the system itself. Hence, its output of water is also of the highest quality. Note, though, that despite it filtering out the harmful particles, it doesn’t remove and flush out the positive minerals of the water.

I want to focus further and highlight its performance and efficiency and its 3-stage process. The W9121200 boasts a three-filtration stage within its single candle. The initial stage aims to reduce the beautiful matter, turbidity, cysts, and bacteria. It then moves to the second stage focused on inhibiting bacteria growth and enhancing bacteriostatic and self-sterilization. The third stage is removing the chlorine and industrial solvents. It is essential because, as a shopper, you’d want to understand what a product does for you.

However, this model might not be suitable for high-pressure systems. With everything that the Doulton offers, it is very much recommended that you get this if you want a filtering system with an exact process and one that will produce safe and clean water. The simplicity of the product and s ease of use makes it very ideal for household use.
What We Like
  • Sterasyl silver-incorporated ceramic microfilter
  • Self-sterilizing filter with filtration for submicron that is cost-effective
  • Ideal for low-pressure and gravity systems
  • Three-stage filtering process
  • Compatibility to the Berkey systems
What We Don’t Like
  • It is not suitable for high flow rate or high-pressure systems

5. Huining Ceramic Dome Water Filter

There are brands that understand the predicament of households that want an excellent and affordable product. Huining is one of these. It designed its Ceramic Dome Water Filter to appeal to budget-conscious families without compromising on its ability to provide safe water.

Huining is another South Korean brand that is slowly making its way into the American consciousness. At the very least, it should appeal to those who are wary of Chinese-made products. The soundness of the design and the reliability of its construction make this Huining water filter a good alternative for budget-conscious families.

What separates the Huining brand from other ceramic water filters is the size of its pores. The smallest particle that it can allow is about 150 nanometers. It is smaller than the average water filter of the same type. It is a system that goes into a portable water system like Zen and others. Many of the products of this type will only remove particles larger than 200 nanometers in diameter.

The top-tier part about the Huining ceramic water filter is its use in DIY water systems. You can use it as a filtering medium for your household water bucket system. And if you intend to create your water delivery system, then the Huining product can be an invaluable addition.

This water filter also comes with long service life. It can accommodate up to a thousand gallons or about a year of use.

While the construction of the Huining ceramic water filter is admirable, there is much to be desired for its filtration capabilities.

For starters, it is not very consistent in filtering particles. It is because the pores are not in uniform diameter. Some are larger, about 500 nanometers in diameter. Despite being inconsistent in its filtration capabilities, the Huining ceramic water filter is still a good buy. It is durable, inexpensive, and effortless to install. It also works with homemade water systems.
What We Like
  • Tiny pores for better filtration
  • Premium-quality construction of the ceramic filter
  • Long service life
  • Can work with DIY water systems
  • South Korean brand, not Chinese
What We Don’t Like
  • Some issues with a filtration efficiency

6. SHTFandGO Ceramic Water Filter

For reliable water filtration systems, SHTandGO has been a staple among households because of its reliability and quality results. A lot of people who want a filter system usually turn to this brand because not only is it established, but they also have a lot of water filtering models and units that might be the perfect match for you.

This model, the Ceramic Dome Water Filter Element for Antibacterial Purification, comes with a .2 Micron filter element that helps in ensuring that the harmful and unhealthy contaminants found in water can be removed. With an efficiency of 99%, you are guaranteed safe and clean water for the entire family. These sample bad components can range from chemicals, protozoa, radionuclides, and elements like lead, which can have chronic consequences to the human body like liver and kidney problems, cancer, and even reproductive difficulties. Rest assured, though, that the good minerals are retained.

In addition, I also like that in the heart of the filter is the element Silver, which helps in killing off bacteria upon contact. It is an extra layer of sanitation, adding confidence that the water being produced after filtration is high quality clean and safe for drinking, cooking, and any form of consumption.

Perfect for emergencies, it has a compact size of 4 inches round and a height of 4 inches too. It is easily transportable and very convenient to carry along with you whenever you might need it.

Aside from its ease of transport and efficiency, it is also user-friendly, and the time to set it up is just a fraction compared to most of the systems that are available in the market. It is also aesthetically simple, looking with its ceramic dome design adding into that clean and fresh feel. It’s an excellent value for money, and it doesn’t stress the budget. It is affordable and worth the purchase.

However, this model doesn’t feature carbon on it. In conclusion, this is a sound investment and a great market deal. It works and produces water that is safe and clean for consumption, so its primary purpose is met. Consider this as one of your options when you are looking to buy a water filter.
What We Like
  • Compact design
  • Simple and clean design
  • Budget-friendly
  • Reliable and quality output
  • Silver impregnated built
What We Don’t Like
  • It doesn’t have carbon in it

7. Ronaqua Ceramic Water Filter

Some families prefer getting their drinking water from countertop water systems and water coolers instead of refrigerator or tap. If you are like these families, then you know that there is still the possibility of having impurities in your water. That is why you will also need a filter for such an item. One of the most popular ceramic dome water filters for countertop water systems is this product from Ronaqua.

The main advantage of the Ronaqua over other systems is its long service life span. While others can only filter water for a few months, the Ronaqua system can keep on safeguarding your drinking water for the whole year or up to a thousand gallons of drinking water. And with a very friendly price tag, this can surely translate to better savings for your family.

The Ronaqua does not have any fancy filtration system. Instead, it utilizes a silver-impregnated ceramic filtration system to do its work. This kills bacteria and other microorganisms on contact. The filter traps microscopic particles that are between 200 and 300 nanometers in diameter. This is enough to remove those molecules that can harm the human body or alter the taste of the drinking water.

Installing the Ronaqua into your countertop water system is secure. It comes with an instruction manual on how you can replace your existing filter with this unit. You also get to maintain it in the correct way to keep its integrity.

Do take note that the Ronaqua only works with certain brands and models of countertop water systems. These include those from Zen, Santevia, and LeDoux. It can also fit other systems. However, it would be best to check the compatibility of your countertop water system with Ronaqua before purchasing this product.

It may have limited use. However, the Ronaqua system is well-loved by many because of its affordability and longevity. It also performs well in giving you more refreshing and safer drinking water.

What We Like
  • Filters many impurities
  • Comes with bactericidal technology
  • Long service life span
  • Very easy to maintain and clean
  • Inexpensive
What We Don’t Like
  • May not fit specific water systems

Outdated Products

SHTFandGO Gravity Water Filter (Outdated)

Another gravity water purifier from well-established and ever-reliable SHTFandGo is the Well Ultra Purifier with three black candle filters. What’s stellar here is the black candle ceramic filter, which helps in killing bacteria making your water all the safer and cleaner for consumption. This model can either be used as gravity or pressure-assisted for its water production.

Another highly recommended staple to have in terms of emergency, it can produce up to 4 gallons of clean water in an hour. It is tested to successfully remove 99 percent water contaminants like Giardia Lamblia, live Cryptosporidium, Hydrogen Sulphide, Iron, Lead, Phenols, and other bacteria, pathogens, and protozoa. It also removes the odor and taste of chlorine, rust, and all harmful elements that can be found in unfiltered water.

The package comes with a high-impact dispenser spout, a cleaning tool, and kid-safe locking lids with gaskets. Transporting it is very easy thanks to its compact and stackable design. It is also designed with a paracord handle that can be removed and or used for emergency cordage, making it convenient during times of emergency. There is also a carry handle for the dirty water container so you can easily port water from streams, lakes, and other water sources.

For someone like me who wants to always have access to clean and safe water, especially during times of emergency, I recommend having this filtering system in your home. It might not be one that you will be using every day, but it is a system that you can always go back to when you need it the most. It will provide you that peace of mind knowing that during times when access to clean water may be a challenge, you have your system at home, ready to be set up anytime you want.

The instructions can be improved. But overall, this is a decent product and a great filter system for emergencies.
What We Like
  • BPA free containers
  • Fastest gravity and pressurized filter
  • Three carbon black candle ceramic filter
  • Smart and convenient design
  • Reliable filtration system
What We Don’t Like
  • Instructions that come with the package can be improved

Aquaboon CE-S Water Filter (Outdated)

There are many families today who use the Zen water system. They are more portable and can also guarantee safe drinking water. However, to continue enjoying the use of the system, one must use an appropriate water filter. If you want something more affordable than the water filter that came with your Zen, then the Aquaboon CE-S is for you.

It is a South Korean brand that is slowly gaining popularity among safety-conscious people. The company is getting a penchant for delivering sound quality water filtration systems at prices that are lower than most. It is this right combination of quality and affordability that makes the Aquaboon CE-S the right choice.

The individual pores of the Aquaboon ceramic water filter will only allow particles with a diameter of fewer than 200 nanometers. To put this into perspective, the average size of pathogenic bacteria is between 500 and 1000 nanometers in diameter. Chemical compounds are even more significant. Odor-causing molecules also tend to have a larger scale. The small diameter of the individual pores of Aquaboon makes it an excellent tool for removing many of the impurities that you can find in your ordinary water.

We can say that Aquaboon did an excellent job in designing the ceramic water filter. It has a solid build, and its installation is very straightforward. Its service life is also useful as it can last about six months.

The main issue we have about the Aquaboon is its limited compatibility. The product itself is reliable in terms of delivering safe, fresh, and clean water. However, it only works on Zen water coolers and countertop water systems. There is also limited information as to what other brands with which it can work.

Its compatibility issues are not a significant concern for those who have a water system for which the Aquaboon is designed for. It is an affordable alternative that never falters in delivering safe drinking water for everyone in the household.
What We Like
  • Filters major impurities found in drinking water
  • Very easy to install
  • Good quality construction
  • Inexpensive
  • Made in South Korea, not China
What We Don’t Like
  • May not fit certain brands of water systems

Doulton W9123053 Ceramic Filter Candle (Outdated)

Doulton is one of the most recognizable brands when it comes to high-quality residential tap water filtration systems. One of the essential parts of the Doulton system is the ceramic filter candle. And if you found yourself needing to replace your existing ceramic filter candle, then the W9123053 UltraCarb is a perfect choice.

The heart of the Doulton system is a unique ceramic filter that the company infused with silver. This compound provides you with excellent antibacterial properties to help eliminate many of the common pathogens found in tap water. It guarantees safer and cleaner water for everyone in your family to drink.

The design of the filter allows it to remove impurities such as lead, hydrogen sulfide, and pathogenic bacteria. It can also remove solid particles that can be suspended in the water. Many of these particles can lend a very unpleasant taste to the water. Removing them is like enjoying the freshness of mountain spring water.

We also admire the ceramic water filtration system because it has cleanable and reusable characteristics. The ceramic filter candle itself has a modest capacity of only 600 gallons which can translate to about 3 to 6 months of use. It depends on your average daily consumption and the quality of water running through the system. Since the filter candle is cleanable, you can reuse it once and extend its service life.

As expected, the UltraCarb can be expensive. It is about three times the cost of other brands. The good news is that you can extend its service life because of its cleanable and reusable properties. It may come out as more expensive. However, given its unique characteristics, the Doulton UltraCarb has more value than anyone can imagine.

There is no doubt that the Doulton UltraCarb Ceramic Filter Candle is an excellent component of your tap water filtration system. It may be pricier than others. However, the quality of its design and its overall performance more than offsets any budgetary constraints.
What We Like
  • Impregnated with bactericidal compound
  • Filters many impurities in drinking water
  • Cleanable design for improved service life
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to install
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite expensive

Lelekey Ceramic Water Filter Faucet Cartridge (Outdated)

Safeguarding the quality of drinking water is every homeowner’s concern. While there are different methods of ensuring safe drinking water, one of the most practical is by using a ceramic water filtration system. One of the best ceramic water filters on the market is this faucet cartridge replacement from Lelekey.

The initial assessment of the Lelekey system reveals that it comes with 6 different stages of filtration. The multi-stage nature of its filtration mechanism ensures that the water you will drink straight from the faucet is safe. It guarantees the absence of harmful bacteria and sediments. Above all, the filtration system gives you a chance to enjoy drinking water the way it should be appreciated.

Inside the rugged housing of the water filter is an advanced filtration technology that utilizes activated carbon. Not only does this element get rid of dirt, rust, sand, and other particles in your drinking water. It also helps improve the overall taste of your liquid. Keep in mind, though, that ceramic filters will not trap certain strains of viruses that are smaller than 100 nanometers.

Installing Lelekey is simple enough. You can install it as part of your under-sink system. You do not have to be a plumber to install it under your sink. The instructions it comes with are also readable you can finish the job in as little as a few hours.

Lelekey’s service lifespan leaves more to be desired. One needs to replace it after only three months of use or if the household has already consumed about 528 gallons of water, whichever comes first. We have seen other systems that can last longer than this or can accommodate more water.

Despite its short service life span, we believe the Lelekey Ceramic Water Filter to be the right choice for homeowners. It does not cost you a fortune, and it is very easy to install. It also has a reliable filtration system that guarantees safe and fresh-tasting water all the time.
What We Like
  • Multi-stage filtration for safer water
  • Great for point-of-use water systems
  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to install
  • Inexpensive
What We Don’t Like
  • Short service life span

Crystal Clear Supply Water Filter Purifier (Outdated)

If you want a complete water filtration system for your entire family, then the Custom Double Undercounter Water Filter Purifier is for you. It comes as a complete set that you can install under your counter or the sink for a continuous supply of fresh, safe, and clean water.

One of the highlights of the Crystal-Clear system is that it comes packaged with a Doulton ceramic filter cartridge. This fact alone gives the system an edge over the others. Doulton is renowned for making excellent quality filters. The other good news is that the design of the Crystal Clear can accommodate other brands of water filter cartridges if it is of the standard size, you can fit it into the Crystal Clear.

What impressed us about the system is its remarkable service life. Other brands can only accommodate several hundreds of gallons or several months of continuous use. The Crystal Clear water filtration system can handle a maximum of 12,000 gallons that are equivalent to 3 years of average water consumption.

The efficiency of the filtration mechanism is also admirable. It integrates two unique technologies that ensure the optimum reduction of impurities in the water. From bacteria to chemicals and other harmful molecules, the technology ensures that none of these will ever reach your body. At the same time, the system does allow the passage of beneficial elements such as magnesium and calcium. It also guarantees better-tasting water for you to enjoy.

Because it is already a complete system, you can expect the Crystal Clear ceramic water filter to be expensive. Some households may find the price too steep for a filter. However, if you factor in the product’s durability and performance, it will turn out to be a good buy.

You may not like the price tag of the Crystal Clear Custom Double Undercounter Water Filter. Still, you will love its performance, durability, and good quality.
What We Like
  • Durable construction and long-lasting filtration performance
  • Uses advanced water filtration technology
  • Efficient in removing many water impurities
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with different brands of cartridges
What We Don’t Like
  • Expensive

What Is A Ceramic Water Filter/ Who Is This For


Drinking clean and pure water is a must for every household. Have you ever wondered how many bacteria and other contaminants thrive in your water supply? Some of the most common particles include viruses, bacteria, chlorine, sediments, minerals, heavy metals, water treatment chemicals and their by-products, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and the like. As such, it’s essential to filter out your water supply.

One of these water filtration systems is the ceramic filtration system. It was created in 1827 by inventor and potter Henry Doulton and has been in the market ever since.

As in its name, this filtration system utilizes a ceramic filter cartridge (aka ceramic filter candle) to work on the water. The tiny pores found in this cartridge filter out all particles that are bigger than it. As such, these systems can effectively filter out bacteria, microbial cysts, protozoa, and other particles.

Ceramic water filters can be used in several applications, from under-sink applications or for point-of-use consumption to portable filters that are useful during camping and traveling. Not to mention, these systems are also quite affordable.

Aside from that, these systems are also easy to use and require no electricity to operate. They are also easy and cheap to maintain. For one, you can just wash and reuse the filters when necessary.

How Does It Work

Ceramic water filtration systems rely on ceramic media for the filtration process. This ceramic media is the ceramic filter candle, also known as the ceramic filter cartridge.

How this system filters, water can be likened to the Earth’s purification process. This ceramic cartridge contains millions of tiny holes, a half micron in size, which then traps all the impurities, sediments, and other bigger particles.

However, this doesn’t mean it ends there. Inside this ceramic water filter system is a maze of sharp angles that aims to catch and trap contaminants that have passed through the exterior. With its minute pores, the ceramic filter can eliminate a bunch of bacteria and sediments. It can even help with the water’s turbidity.

While pure ceramic is right, these types of water filters are infused with other filtration media to enhance the filtration process. For example, ceramic filters with activated carbon can also help eliminate chlorine and volatile organic compounds from your water.

Some ceramic filters also have silver ions further to enhance the filter’s self-sterilizing and bacteriostatic properties. With this, the filter can also target molds and algae in your water supply. Ceramic filters with ion exchange resins help get rid of heavy metals like mercury, copper, lead, and zinc in your water.

If you want, there are also ceramic filtration systems that combine all three. As such, water passes through the ceramic filter with silver ions for initial purification. It will then flow into the activated carbon for further filtering out. Lastly, it will go through the ion exchange resins.

Most ceramic filters come in a flowerpot shape, which can hold about 8-10 liters of water. To use it, you just need to fill the top receptacle or the filter itself with water. Water passes through the ceramic filter and/or other filters available until it reaches the storage receptacle. You can get the water via a spigot.

What Are The Different Types Of Ceramic Water Filters


Pot-type Ceramic Filters

The first type is the pot-type ceramic filter. Designed by the Potters for the Peace movement, this type comes in a flowerpot shape and can hold about 8-10 liters of water. These pots can come in plastic or ceramic models and are divided into three parts.

The first part is where the filtration process happens. Here, the ceramic filter rests on a top or is attached to the plastic or ceramic receptacle. You will then pour your contaminated water or unfiltered water into the top container. The ceramic filter then catches and traps all the contaminants that are bigger than its tiny holes in this area.

The newly-filtered water then passes through the second part until it reaches the storage receptacle. You can access this water via a spigot or a tap.

Pot-type ceramic filters are quite popular since they are easy to use and cheap to produce. They are also easy to clean and do not require much maintenance. You just need to clean the filter with a soft brush and some water whenever it becomes dirty.

Candle-type Ceramic Filters

Candle-type ceramic filters are more operational and provide more mechanical and manufacturing advantages over pot-type ceramic filters.

For one, these types are more durable. Instead of ceramic, the candle-type filter is hidden and protected by metal or plastic receptacles. As such, you wouldn’t have to worry about damages and the like.

This also makes for increased sanitary since the candle-type filter is not exposed to the environment. You just need to clean the outside part, which is relatively easy to do so.

Candle-type filters are also more flexible since the filter’s area doesn’t depend on the attachment joint’s size. As such, you can customize and standardize your candle-type filter with your receptacles and even use high-quality gaskets.

This customization also allows for spot replacements wherein you can just easily remove one part without disassembling the whole thing. If the filter is broken, you can even just plug the filter hole and use fewer filters until you can find a replacement.

Other Ceramic Filters

There are also portable and inline ceramic filters. The former requires manual plumbing to start the filtration process. Because of their small size, they are mostly used by campers, travelers, and those who engage in outdoor activities. The latter, on the other hand, filters the water that comes through your household plumbing.

Both types are easy to clean and maintain and are also quite cheap.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Ceramic Water Filter


Natural Filter

Just like activated carbon filters, ceramic filters are natural filters that can remove most bacteria and viruses in the water. Unlike others, it also doesn’t add anything to the water, nor does it strip it of its essential minerals.

Compatible with other filter medias

Ceramic filters are also compatible with other filter media that can further enhance the filtration process. You can pair your ceramic filters with activated carbon, silver ions, ion exchange resins, or a combination of all three add-ons.

Purifies Water

The ceramic filter’s half-micron pores provide for an effective filtration process, removing about 99% of bacteria and cysts in the water. These include E. coli, salmonella, shigella, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, among others.

If your ceramic filter is infused with other filter media, then its purification range also widens.

Increases Water Quality

Ceramic water filters also filter out and remove contaminants that affect the taste, sight, and smell of your water. For example, it’s half-a-micron pores can trap particulates and sediments like dirt, rust, and debris in your water.

In return, it will minimize the turbidity levels of your water, which is the cause of the dark color and foul smell.


Compared to other water filtration systems, ceramic types are the most budget-friendly. It is because it’s made of cheap materials and it’s also easy to make.


Ceramic water filters are also friendly to the environment. Many users have likened their filtration system to that of the Earth. Just like the Earth, it just permeates and separates all the particles it sees in the water.


Ceramic water filters are also cleanable, unlike other water filtration systems. You can just use a soft brush and some water to remove all the particles in your filter when necessary.


Do not provide full protection

Ceramic filters do not remove all the contaminants found in your water. For one, it doesn’t filter out minerals that affect the water’s hardness. It is also not effective in filtering out viruses and total dissolved solids since they are quite small and can easily slip through the tiny pores of the filter.

Not durable

You must be extra careful in handling and using your ceramic filter. When dropped, these types tend to produce hairline cracks, which might provide an opening for bacteria and contaminants. If the water comes into contact with hands, clothes, and the like, then cross-contamination will occur and render the filtration process nugatory.

Buying Guide


Without realizing it, water is a breeding ground and carrier of many bacteria, viruses, sediments, contaminants, and the like. Regardless of the precautions set by your Water Department, these don’t eliminate all these substances.

Installing your water filtration system can help mitigate this problem as it can further filter your water supply. One of the well-known types is the ceramic water filter due to its affordability and efficacy.

Ceramic water filters also come in different styles and types to accommodate a variety of needs. However, these might intimidate people, especially newbies and beginners, to choose what to get.

But you don’t need to worry. Here are some tips and trips for you to jot down or take note of when shopping and reading ceramic water filter reviews.

Type of Ceramic Water Filter

The example of what ceramic water filter you get depends on the amount of space you have, the desired use, and of course, your budget.

The conventional ceramic water filter is the pot-style variant. This type is enough to accommodate and suit your needs. However, if you want to travel and camp, then a portable version might be the most appropriate.


Ceramic water filters differ in terms of the amount of water they can hold. How many liters you get depends on how often you will use the filter.

Pot-style ceramic filters tend to carry about 8-10 liters or even more depending on the size. Candle-type variants also follow that principle.

On the other hand, portable ceramic filters only carry small amounts since they are only meant for traveling and camping.


Ceramic water filters are usually made of ceramic. However, there are also plastic or metal variants available.

If you choose the ceramic variant, you must be careful in handling and cleaning it. Ceramic is prone to developing cracks once dropped. It might provide an opening for bacteria and viruses to come in and contaminate your water.


Ceramic water filters are easy to clean, using only a soft brush and water. However, it’s recommended that you’ll also purchase extra filters as the system will eventually need replacing.

Other Filtering Media

The ceramic water filter can do fine on its own when it comes to filtering out bacteria, sediments, and the like. If these particles are more significant than the filter’s 0.5-micron pores, then it should be fine.

However, while high on their own, ceramic filters cannot completely purify your water supply; as such, you can choose to infuse your ceramic filter with other filtering media for an enhanced filtration process.

You have various options, such as activated carbon, silver ions, ion exchange resins, and many others. What combination you will choose will depend on your needs.


Of course, budget is also a determining factor. Compared to other water filtration systems, ceramic water filters are the cheapest since they are easier to manufacture, and the materials are quite affordable.

However, if you want to combine it with other filtering media or choose a non-ceramic material, then you might expect the prices to go up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long do ceramic water filters last?

The longevity of a ceramic stone gravity water filter varies across brands and filtration systems.

For example, the high-quality undersink Ultraceram ceramic filter can last at least 18 months with periodic maintenance. Meanwhile, the Australis 288 has a shorter lifespan of only six months. On the other hand, the Ultraceram 5 can continue filtering water for a year before requiring a replacement.

We must understand that ceramic candle lifespan depends on water consumption, filter size, water quality, maintenance frequency, and thoroughness.

A ceramic water drip filter can have other filtration components. For instance, the Zen Water Portable Water Purification System has Zeolite, far infrared ceramic balls, silica sand, mineral sand, and granular activated carbon (GAC). These elements all have their respective lifespans.

GAC filters have a longevity of four to six months, while Zeolite can last 120 days. On the other hand, far infrared ceramic balls have a one-year lifespan on average.

How often should you change the ceramic water filter?

You should replace a ceramic water filter every 12 months. However, some products can last two years before requiring a ceramic filter cartridge change.

In addition, homeowners must observe the ceramic water filter for proper function. A reduced water flow rate can indicate clogging in the filter pores. Such a phenomenon can be disastrous in an emergency because clogged filter membranes will extend the time required to fill a life-sustaining glass of water.

What do ceramic water filters remove?

Reviewing the pros and cons of ceramic water filters reveals that this water filtration system – even DIY – effectively removes bacteria and sediment while improving water clarity (i.e., making the water less “cloudy”).

Ceramics’ antimicrobial action comes from silver ions impregnated into the filter. This technology can increase your survival chances against Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, Cryptosporidium, and Giardia infections.

It is worth noting that some ceramic water filters come with activated carbon, allowing them to remove volatile organic compounds, chlorine, and chloramine.

Meanwhile, ceramic water filters with ion-exchange technology can eliminate zinc, lead, copper, mercury, and other heavy metals. A multi-stage ceramic filter combines the water contaminant-removal properties of conventional ceramic filters, activated carbon, and ion exchange.

However, ceramic water filters cannot remove minerals (i.e., magnesium and calcium), viruses, and total dissolved solids.

So, are ceramic water filters good? Yes, they are, especially if you are concerned with pathogenic microbes in the water.

What are the most trusted ceramic water filter brands?

One of the things to look for when looking for a water filter is to check the brand because it has to do with its reliability and trustworthiness. A few of those that you can rely on include SHTFandGO, Doulton, Lelekey, Ronaqua, and Aquaboon. They are committed to the satisfaction of their customers because they can ensure the performance and durability of their products.

How to install and use? 

For specific instructions on how to install a ceramic water filter system, you should check the user manual that comes with your purchase. If you cannot understand particular directions to find in it, you might also want to get in touch with the technical or customer support of the manufacturer.

How to make a ceramic water filter?

In general, the process of making a ceramic water filter is a bit complicated. It also depends or varies from one manufacturer to another. At the very least, many of them strive hard to produce a sizeable ceramic filter that can be installed directly. The process involves mixing clay with sawdust or other combustible material. Afterward, they form a container using molds and a press before they fire the filter to about 860 degrees C.

The sawdust burns out, leaving pores/holes/cracks which are large enough to let the water pass through. However, the holes are small for protozoa and bacteria to pass through. And then, both the outside and inside of the filter are designed and made with a little colloidal silver. Later, it will be tested to ensure durability and quality.

The above is only a general idea of how to make a ceramic filter. It does not apply to all-ceramic water filters from brand to brand.

What is the warranty?

It depends on the manufacturer. You can find models that have a longer or a shorter warranty. It is why you need to compare your options well by also looking into the warranty.

How to care & clean?

In general, you can just brush the outer surface of the filter using a soft scouring pad or flush under running water. In this process, a new layer will become available because the contaminants are flushed away.

Also, if you’ve not used the filter for at least two days, you should throw the first two liters of water.

If you could see bubbles because of a crack that lets air exit through it, it means you need to replace the filter.


Shopping around for the best ceramic water filter is easy and less time-consuming, with an idea of how to choose the right water filter that suits your needs. Again, check for its filtering media, maintenance, and durability, among the others we’ve mentioned earlier. Also, check for the top picks, each with unique qualities, upsides, and downsides so that you can later make an informed choice. Then, we’re hoping that you’ll be able to choose a water filter that matches the needs of your family and that can give you the most suitable results for your filtering needs. Buy the right ceramic water filter today!

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