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The Best Outdoor Water Softeners for 2022

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

If you’re looking to treat hard water that causes a myriad of problems, including dry skin, hair and scalp itchiness and damage to plumbing, get the best outdoor water softener. It’s a unique device that treats the hardness in water. With it, you can improve the overall quality of your water supply; thus, you can prevent the issues it can bring.

best outdoor water softener

However, it is uneasy and challenging to pick the right one that matches your household’s needs. Worry not, as help is coming! In this buying guide are the top picks and their unique features. Also, we’ll discuss what to consider when choosing a water softener for the outdoors. Check them out in the following.


Best Outdoor Water Softener Reviews

1. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Softener

Invest in a whole home and outdoor water softener system with superior mineral removal properties. The Whirlpool Pro Series is a hybrid home filter that provides you and your family quality water.

This beast of a water softener removes minerals and other water contaminants that are potentially harmful. Known pollutants that are removed by this NSF Certified unit are: Calcium, Magnesium, Lead, Iron, Chlorine.

The superiority of the Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series is proven with its above-average hardness removal rating of the usual 120 gallons per gallon. Having a 31,000-grain capacity and a three ppm iron removal capacity, this a wise investment for home and outdoor use.

Your skin will thank you for having a water softener that is proven to save you and your family from dry and itchy skin. This then ultimately cuts your shampoo and soap budget by the chunk.

Scale build-up will not be an issue at home. Having soft water will significantly reduce the gunk that builds up on your faucet fixtures and showerheads.

Appliances at home that come into contact with water will have their lifespans extended by 30 to 50%. Soft water also ensures that your devices are performing at its best. Water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers will significantly benefit from this unit.

Efficient salt use is what Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series is about. As a smart water softener, it utilizes a demand-initiated water regeneration technology for the entire home, right when you need it.

Compared to the other models, this uses up to less than 25% of salt. The latest technology helps it regenerate only when necessary, cutting your salt use in the long run.

Are you tired of replacing filters in your water softeners? Another reason to purchase this hybrid water softener is that it cleans its filter every 14 days. The trusted brand does live to its name of being cost-effective and cost-efficient.

The strength that this unit has brings soft water quality to another level. The water softener outdoor installation might be a bit difficult, but once all the pipes are connected, the convenience is worth it.
What We Like
  • Removes minerals and other contaminants
  • 31,000-grain capacity and three ppm iron removal capacity
  • Demand-initiated regeneration
  • Saves salt use
  • Cleans its filter
What We Don’t Like
  • May be a bit difficult to install

2. Ecopure EPHS007 Conditioner-Water Softener

Everything about the Ecopure Water Softener and Filter System is worth every penny. It is among the high-end water treatment units that deliver clean and soft water for every home.

With an auto-sensing technology feature, this efficient water softener analyzes how much salt and water are needed to regenerate the system. After using what is only necessary, this cuts the budget on salt and water usage in the long run.

Are you tired of having separate units for water filtration and softening? This home appliance has got you covered. The Ecopure is NSF-certified as it reduces sediments and water hardness, and also eliminates harmful contaminants.

Both city water and private wells work significantly with the Ecopure Water Softener. This is built for both urban and rural areas, with its dual water softening and filtration mechanism.

Setting up this unit is also hassle-free. All the parts you need are included and may be placed at home with or without an outdoor water softener cover. Its compact design also gives you a breather that this won’t take too much space from your house.

It has low-key maintenance with its integrated, intuitive programming controls. Are you worried if it has low salt? It has an indicator light suggesting that your unit has little salt.

This accommodates a household size of 1-6+ and has a hardness removal level of 100 grains per gallon. With this unit, you will never have hard water in your home again.

If you have the Kenmore water softener, this is the exact replacement that you need. It fits precisely, and its height is identical, in case your previous one was placed inside a cabinet.

Although it is the exact replacement for Kenmore, the old bypass valve may fit but not as snug as the Ecopure bypass valve. I highly suggest you include buying that upon purchase of the unit.

Have the healthiest and cleanest water for your homes with Ecopure today, as investing in water softeners has never been this satisfying and efficient!

What We Like
  • Compact design
  • Easy to install at home
  • Autosense technology
  • Filters and softens hard water
  • Low maintenance
What We Don’t Like
  • The old valve may not fit.

3. Portable Water Softener Pro

Get the pro features of the Portable Water Softener Pro. This treats hard water and works optimally for RVs, trailers, homes and boats.

This wide-based water softener is stable on even and uneven surfaces. It has an outer wrap made of carbon fiber for protection with a tank jacket, but having an outdoor water softener enclosure would still be perfect. The unit is secured at any safe place suitable for your home or RV.

It has a 16,000-grain capacity, giving you up to 2,000 gallons of clean water. It could also provide you and your family fresh water for up to 40 days. It also shows off its 5 GPM flow and high flow ports with the least pressure drop.

Compact-looking and very portable, the unit has a stress-free installation process. It can connect easily to the standard garden hose. Moreover, it comes already built with no-tool nor electricity requirement to get going, and in under 5 minutes or so, it is ready for use.

Durability claims of this water softener are backed up by using high-grade NSF materials that will last for years. High-grade material makes up the inner shell while a sturdy fiberglass wrap is reinforced.

Regeneration of this portable water softener is also hassle-free. In under 30 minutes, it will run back again. This water softener uses only two boxes of common table salt; no other unique salt nor chemicals are needed for regeneration.

Life of your appliances is significantly prolonged with soft water. Other than that, your skin will benefit the most from it. Showering and washing with soft water are way better and in the long run, will save you money.

With this powerful water softener, hard water will not be a problem wherever your RV will take you. It also doubles as a water conditioner, so minerals are altered first. Portable Water Softener Pro can be heavy to carry around with its tough built. However, it has compact size if compared to its competitors and significant features to create quality water wherever you go.
What We Like
  • Compact design
  • Durable body with a tank jacket
  • 16,000-grain capacity
  • Stress-free installation
  • Water softener and conditioner
What We Don’t Like
  • Rather heavy

4. Whirlpool WHES40E Water Softener

Trust a brand that NSF-certified in providing you with high-quality soft water. The Whirlpool WHES40E has a 40,000-grain capacity, bringing you and your family soft water for everyday use.

Whirlpool has produced the greatest outdoor water softener systems in the industry and has been a trusted brand for a long time. This particular unit from Whirlpool is ideal for a household size of 1-6. It covers most of the household chores and ensures everyone can use soft water.

Stains and mineral build-up that are visible on water faucets, showerheads and even on washed dishes will be a thing of the past. This powerful water softener treats hard water symptoms like these.

Smart appliances are currently on the rise, and this water softener is also a smart device. It automatically calculates how much salt and water are needed for regeneration. You won’t waste water and salt, and this also saves you time, effort and money.

This unit boasts an iron removal capacity of up to 11 ppm, and also removes ferrous iron that is invisible to the naked eye. This puts you in great comfort that your water is definitely mineral-free.

Installation is quick and easy with this unit. All the parts that are needed come with the purchase that you don’t need to call a plumber to help you install. It comes with an installation kit that gives out the instructions before you start enjoying soft water at home.

Maintenance and cleaning of this water softener’s parts also don’t take much of your time. It has a specific cleanser working its best for the unit that is also sold separately.

Let the Whirlpool WHES40E work its wonders in your home with your family today. With its powerful water softening capability, you will experience quality soft water at home. The unit may use plastic clips upon attaching its bypass valves, but these can be reinforced, and the unit will still work great. Consider this excellent investment for your skin, your appliances and your family.
What We Like
  • 40,000-grain capacity
  • Treats hard water symptoms
  • Automatic regeneration
  • Removes invisible iron
  • Easy to install
What We Don’t Like
  • Uses plastic clips on the bypass valve

5. On The Go OTG4-StdSoft

Consider having the On The Go OTG4 Standard Soft Portable Water Softener if you are in the hunt for quality handy units with one of the leading and outstanding outside water softener systems. These portable water softeners are perfect for recreational vehicle road trips or if you permanently live in a mobile home.

Portability of the On The Go OTG4 is laid down with its handle that makes it easy to carry. The unit also has a full mouth, which is perfect for instilling salt during water regeneration.

You will also not be worried about where to put this powerful water softener. It is designed to be a space saver, so it easily fits in the tightest spaces of your RVs. The compact design of the unit lives up to its name as it weighs less than other units of the same size.

It also keeps you going on the road as it regenerates in no time. With just a box of the common table salt, regeneration is quick and efficient in 15 minutes or less. RV owners will also be delighted to have this with its capabilities of providing premium-grade soft water for up to 20 days.

Do you have the right tools for installation? It doesn’t matter with the On The Go OTG4 as it is easy to set up. No tools nor electricity are needed to get this machine going.

This water softener can directly prevent rust stains. Its capabilities are excellent thanks to its 8,000 capacity. Hard water won’t be an issue for RV owners who travel in different areas with hard water.

As the installation is quite easy, another bonus is how it just uses the standard garden hose for connecting to park faucets or other water sources. This unit gets the job done, and although other machines of the same construction may have higher output, you will still get your money’s worth with its efficiency and reliability in the long run.
What We Like
  • Easy to carry handle
  • Space-saver design
  • Regenerates quickly
  • Uses garden hose connections
  • Light to carry
What We Don’t Like
  • Less output

6. Tier1 Essential Series Water Softener

Experience the goodness of soft water with the Tier1 Essential Series Digital Water Softener. It has reached the peak of technology with its LCD and the digital meter control valve.

Using state of the art machinery, Tier1 has come up with a robust 48,000-grain capacity water softener. They claim to have high efficiency in treating hard water and have provided customers with quality soft water for years.

Although it uses the latest technology in delivering you quality water, it still has the traditional system in treating hard water. It comes with an already-assembled brine tank, mineral tank, and with premium-grade resin for your hard water issues.

What makes this unit stand out from its competitors is its valve head. It is incredibly user-friendly that shows pertinent information for your unit. Its cycle times are also fully adjustable to your preference.

This also takes pride in having an upward flow of regeneration. This unique feature drives the minerals up, sparing the unused resin and saves you salt for future use.

Lime scale and soap scum are greatly reduced as this water softener utilizes gel polystyrene cation exchange resin. This has better capacity than what is sold in the market commercially.

Installation is time-saving as it already comes assembled. Connections can be quick as its instructions are clear and precise so you can have soft water in no time.

Its compact design will catch your attention as it will fit most home spaces. It won’t be much of a pain on where you will store nor set it up as it saves you great space.

This user-friendly unit is perfect for those who are just starting to invest in having a water softener at home. This may not fit small house pumps, so make sure you have the right size before purchasing one. With the convenience it brings, this beneficial home machine will be a significant investment.
What We Like
  • LCD display
  • Digital meter control valve
  • 48,000-grain capacity
  • Traditional water softening system
  • Upward regeneration
  • Compact design
What We Don’t Like
  • Small house pumps may not fit

7. Fleck 5600SXT 64,000-Grain Water Softener

Are you troubled that not everyone in your home can experience soft water? Or that your current one cannot keep up with your household chores? Check out this Fleck water softener as this might be the solution you need.

Boasting a 64,000-grain capacity, this surely does the job in treating the hardness of your regular water. Rust stains and another water residue will never bother you again.

This unit comes with the brand’s most popular valve. It is digitally powered and displays your water usage over time.

The Fleck 5600SXT also regenerates just when needed, so it dramatically saves you time and effort for regeneration.

Hassle-free installation is what every homeowner would want for a quality water softener. Its mineral tank is already preloaded and is made of fiberglass for durability. It comes with everything your need for installation, just connect it, and you are good to go.

The premium resin that is preloaded has an extended life span. Changing the resin more frequently won’t be much of a bother anymore.

Additionally, the Fleck water softener comes with a carbon filter and a reverse osmosis unit. The capacitor that it comes with also keeps memory up to 48 hours and will not delete any data in case of a power outage.

Great skin and hair all start with using soft water as you shower. This water softener greatly cuts your shampoo and soap use as they lather up quickly. Your appliances are protected from iron stains and mineral residue, and their lifespans are extended, too.

All the powerful features that you can ask for a water softener are already loaded in the Fleck 5600SXT. It is digitally powered and provides the house with quality soft water for everyone to use. It may be easy to install, but it can be a bit heavy to move and carry around. Having it in a fixed place in the house will reduce this hassle. Overall, this great product will save you money with the efficiency it brings.
What We Like
  • 64,000-grain capacity
  • Digital valve
  • Regenerates automatically
  • Easy to install
  • Uses premium-grade resin
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite heavy to move and carry around

What Is An Outdoor Water Softener/ Who Is This For


Outdoor water softener is a machine that filters hard water supplies. To differentiate, water is considered as “hard water” when there is 60 mg (or more) of dissolved metals like calcium and magnesium, while it is classified as “soft water” when there is little (less than 60 mg) to no metal at all.

Through the charged resin beads, the water softener removes these metals from the water supply by attracting them away from water molecules. The now softened water passes through the machine and is supplied to the household or business requiring softened water. Meanwhile, the metals remain stuck to the resin beads and are cleaned out by the brine tank of the machine.

Outdoor water softeners are ideal for households and businesses alike. The water provided by the country may not be softened, thus making it unhealthy for drinking, and terrible for maintenance. In homes, softened water is beneficial, as it is safe for drinking, and great for plumbing, laundry, cleaning, and skincare.

In businesses, outdoor water softeners significantly increase the quality and reliability of water-based products. It improves the performance of the company since customer trust and loyalty are formed, and customers decide the success of a business.

How Does It Work

The science behind outdoor water softeners focuses on the branch of chemistry. Through the use of negatively charged resin beads, positively charged metals dissolved in the water are taken out. These metals are replaced with safer sodium ions, seeing that sodium does not obstruct the effectiveness of soaps and detergents.

Caring for outdoor water softeners is very similar to taking care of indoor appliances. Outdoor water softener installation also considers the device’s longevity of life. It should be kept from harsh weathers (such as high or freezing temperatures) and natural calamities (such as earthquakes and hurricanes). All of these factors could damage the appliance as much as other appliances. Thus, to ensure that the outdoor water softener is maintained, people have come up with two solutions.

The first solution is to bury the water softener. Most outdoor water softeners now are built to withstand being buried. By renting local augers or using an old-school shovel, anyone can create a hole for their water softener. Make sure that the water softener is placed close to the city water valve (around two feet), and that its control valve is sticking out. With this method, the appliance is both insulated and stabilized.

Another method is to place the water softener in a shed or a cabinet. There are many cabinets for sale designed for outdoor water softeners. These protect the appliance rain or shine, blocking elements that are harmful to its components. To set the cabinet properly, most people have decided to use paver blocks or concrete bases. Furthermore, some also advise adding a light bulb or a simple heater inside the cabinet to prevent freezing.

Buying Guide


There are a lot of things to consider before buying outdoor water softener, like locality, maintainability, build quality, and brand. All of these factors will help determine the functionality and efficacy of the appliance.


Always consider buying home appliances from local stores, especially ones that directly affect the supply of a household or business (e.g. electricity, water). Local outdoor water softener dealers are the best people to go to when searching for the quintessential outdoor water softener.

They are bound to have the best knowledge of the local water supply, hence being able to find the optimal outdoor water softener for the designated household/business. Buying online without proper knowledge or research of the local water supply could lead to purchasing suboptimal appliances, which is a total waste of money.


Plenty have suggested buying unbranded components, as branded ones tend to be specific to their brand only. This makes it difficult to purchase replacement parts from local hardware stores, especially when the said brand discontinues their products. Avoid this at all costs to prevent buying an entirely new appliance, which is pricier than simply purchase replacement parts.

Additionally, find something easy to preserve, meaning the parts themselves are easily accessible and replaceable. Once these parts are broken, it is suggestible to consult professionals to have the appliance serviced, rather than fixing it with DIY instructions. Ease of access makes it safer for the device, as taking everything apart is a risk for its other parts, too.

Build Quality

Build quality is crucial in scrutinizing which outdoor water softener to buy. Several may not last long as the right outdoor water softener for the home because of the weather or natural calamities. On the other hand, some are meant to be situated indoors, and some can withstand only either freezing or scorching temperatures, which could be the total opposite of local weather and calamities.


The most obvious choice when choosing brands that produce outdoor water softeners is how long they have been in the market. This speaks a lot about the brand, as it means many people believe in the quality of their products. Typically, older brands are much more reliable: the longer they have produced outdoor water softeners, the better their current products ought to be.

However, that does not mean that newer brands are not sharper than or as robust as older brands, because they may also have put in more than enough work in their products so they can be outstanding in local households/businesses. It is never wrong to analyze brands, and decide which one to choose, based on the acquired knowledge.

Can You Put A Water Softener Outside

A water softener outside might not last as long (as they are exposed to more dangerous environments) as any other appliance; however, they can still be placed there. Several manufacturers have designed their products to be able to bear harsh elements, basically allowing them to operate and survive outside for quite a time. Nevertheless, be careful before buying a water softener! Not all are made to resist the rough conditions outside your home.

Units, like the brine tank and the resin bed, are very susceptible to destruction from the cold or the scorching heat. These are essential to the functionality and upkeep of the appliance. The resin bed is responsible for the expulsion of the metals from the hard water, while the brine tank is accountable for the cleaning of the container.

Without these pieces – or others, for that matter – the outdoor water softener becomes inefficient, and at worst, completely useless. A single malfunction to any of them inside a water softener is vital to its performance. Its functionality is highly dependent on its very own components, and even the smallest of them could play a central role. So, it is essential to examine the safety of these, as taking care of each one is watching over the tank itself as well.

As mentioned above, two common ways allow the placement of water softeners outside. Depending on their build quality, they may or may not last as long as water softeners located in the safety of the inside.

All water softeners have components that are essential to the water-softening process, and all of these could be tarnished by hazardous elements that are caused by (or are) weather and calamities. It is entirely up to the home or business owners to risk putting their water softeners outside.


Getting the best outdoor water softener is essential if you’re dealing with hard water or using well water. It can treat the hardness that causes hard water problems, including plumbing damage. Using this machine, you can improve the overall quality of your water supply and prevent staining on the faucets, sinks, and plates. Moreover, the outdoor water softener is your solution if you want better-tasting, cleaner and safer water for your family. Choose one today!

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