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The Best Water Filter Pitchers to Help You Stay Hydrated All Times

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

If your water supply is from a well, you might be aware of the contaminants present in the water. It is why you need dependable filtration systems that work overtime to filter out harmful substances and compounds from well water. However, it can be hard to figure out the best water filter pitcher for well water without a clear idea of how to choose one.

best water filter pitcher for well water

In the following buying guide, we’re highlighting the top 10 suggestions of the water filter pitchers from the top brands. They are reliable and high-performance items, which are rated high by consumers for their efficiency, durability, and quality.

To give you an idea of what to expect when buying water filter pitchers for well water, here is a list of important factors you need to remember.

  • Pitcher Capacity: Water filter pitchers should provide enough drinking water for the family whenever they sit at the dining table. It’d be a hassle to constantly refill the pitcher because its capacity is insufficient for everyone in the household. A four-liter pitcher is ideal for large families.
  • Filtered Impurities: Not all water filter pitchers are equal. Most only remove common water impurities, whereas high-end products extend their filtration capabilities to include other contaminants. The best water filter pitcher must remove whatever impurities you do not want in your drinking water.
  • Price: It is not only the water filter pitcher’s initial purchase price you must consider. Its succeeding filter replacements are a crucial factor, too. For example, a 100-gallon water pitcher filter is more cost-effective than a 40-gallon unit.

Let’s get started and later find the right filter pitcher for your needs.


Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

Brita Metro Pitcher


Editor’s Pick

Nakii Water Filter Pitcher


Premium Choice

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher


Table of Contents

Top 10 Water Filter Pitcher for Well Water Reviews

1. Brita Metro Pitcher

BPA-free, the Brita Metro Pitcher is perfect for solo individuals or a small family. It has a total capacity of 2 liters, and this much is the recommended daily water consumption for every person. It takes about 5 minutes for the tap water to complete the process and be safe for drinking.

I like how convenient and how much it is a space saver. The slim design allows it to fit anywhere inside the refrigerator or on your counter. It is not imposing in size and works in the background. It is also effortless to pour and refill it. The pitcher comes with a filter that is recommended to be changed every 40 gallons of water. Usually, that’s about two months of usage but can be replaced earlier if deemed necessary. Additionally, the pitcher has an LCD filter replacement to help keep track of the number of pours so you can be notified if it is time to replace the filter.

Although small, it can reduce water contaminants like a pro, including the smell and taste of chlorine, mercury, copper, zinc, and cadmium filths usually found in your tap water.

Usage is also straightforward and only less than five steps. First is to flush the filter for about 15 seconds with cold water, then insert it into the reservoir. Proceed in adding tap water. Note that the first three pitchers that are filtered may contain carbon dust, so it is best to discard it. After this, the filtered water is ready for safe consumption.

The only downer with the whole Brita Metro pitcher is the lid can be difficult to put on and off as lifting the entire thing would be required to pour water down the tank. I would still say that despite some challenges with the lid, this is still a great buy. It functions, and it is an economical and sound filtration system backup for every household.
What We Like
  • Ergonomically designed
  • 2L of filtered water in 5 minutes
  • BPA free
  • Filter longevity of about two months
  • LCD indicator for filter replacement
What We Don’t Like
  • The lid is a challenge to put on and off

2. Nakii Water Filter Pitcher

A staple for every household, the Nakii Water Filter Pitcher is value for money and one where you can’t go wrong.

The filters used in this pitcher are certified to have passed the industry standards for quality and performance so you can have that peace of mind of clean and safe water every time you pour water out of that pitcher. The WQA has certified that a Nakii filter can remove water impurities effectively to up 150 gallons of water until it needs to be replaced. That amount of filtered water is 300-400% more compared to other available filters in the market.

In addition, Nakii’s filter is incorporated with Japanese Activated Carbon Fiber technology for that purification that can be trusted. This is because this technology is proven to be 10-12 times more efficient than the other market-provided filters. This is commonly used in the medical and military, but you can have it right in your home.

The overall aesthetics are also smart and competitive with a modern look while adhering to using premium FDA-approved and BPA-free ABS plastic. It is durable, and it is going to be with your family for years and years. With its compact design, you can store it easily in space, limiting areas like the refrigerator doors and setting it aside on your countertop and just letting it do its work.

The Nakii Water Filter Pitcher can hold 7 ½ cups of water, which makes it perfect not just for domestic use but also for offices and restaurants. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective alternative water solution to bottled water.

On the downside, you need a little bit of time to fill the reservoir with water because the water flows through the circular hole on the lid. Still, everything is very promising for this filtering pitcher. Overall, Nakii is a great purchase and a few minutes of filling it up is not a reason not to purchase this product because it is reliable and durable
What We Like
  • FDA-approved and BPA-free ABS plastic
  • ACF water filtration system
  • 3 liters of filtered water for every minute
  • Filter capacity of 150 gallons before replacement
  • Budget-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • It takes time to fill the pitcher due to the water passage hole

3. Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

When reading a water filter pitcher comparison, you might have bumped into this AQUAGEAR. It is essential to have in a home if your water supply is from a well. People who source their drinking water straight from the well should use a filtration system that can guarantee the enhanced reduction of harmful compounds. One product that these people can use is the Aquagear water filter pitcher. It has a modern design that complements its ability to produce water that is safe and refreshing to drink.

Our assessment of the Aquagear pitcher reveals that its construction is that of high-grade materials. It looks sturdy and will not crack. The pitcher is as clear as clean water itself. It makes for a more enticing vessel to keep your drinking water in.

The Aquagear filter also works splendidly. It does not remove everything from the water, only those that can harm your body. The company makes sure that it has the right certifications for the quality and performance of its filtration system.

Another positive aspect of the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher is very responsive customer service. Some brands have lousy or mediocre service right after purchasing their products. Aquagear makes sure that every customer is happy with his water filter pitcher for well water. The brand also guarantees its pitcher for life.

Like other brands, Aquagear tends to bloat its filter service life claims. The company says that its filters can last up to 150 gallons of water use. The reality, of course, is far from that. The reason is simple. The quality of water that people put in the Aquagear pitcher differs from place to place. Some may have a higher concentration of compounds than others. In these situations, it is possible to have a shorter lifespan of the filter.

Regardless, the Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher remains an excellent choice for people who get their drinking water from the well. It has a modern look and does an excellent job of removing many of the molecules that can make your well water unsafe and unpleasant to drink.

What We Like
  • Premium-quality, FDA-approved pitcher materials
  • Filtration system exceeds sanitation standards
  • Reduces more contaminant compounds than other brands
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Lifetime guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • May have a shorter filter service life than what the company claims

4. LifeStraw Water Filter Pitcher

From the makers of the LifeStraw Personal Emergency Water Filter Straw comes the Home Water Filter Pitcher. Being able to eliminate harmful chemicals and organisms, this product has a more impressive filtration performance than a typical OEM water filter dispenser for fridge units.

I love this water filter pitcher’s three filtration technologies, including a 0.02-micron microfilter that reduces bacterial counts by as much as 99.999999%. Parents will never worry about E.coli and other water-borne pathogens causing tummy aches in children when they drink water from this pitcher.

Bacteria are not the only water impurities this water filter pitcher removes. It also reduces 99.999% of microscopic plastic particles and parasitic organisms, such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia cysts.

Surprisingly, this water filter pitcher includes an ion-exchange filtration unit with an integrated activated carbon filter. Although this filter element has a shorter lifespan than the microfilter (2 months vs. 12 months), I am still impressed with its performance.

The filter pitcher also reduces chlorine taste and odor while lowering levels of PFAS, heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides, mercury, cadmium, chromium, copper, and other chemicals.

While other water filter pitcher brands are only content in making claims, LifeStraw is sensible enough to offer proof of its water impurities reduction performance. It complies with NSF standards 53, 401, P473, P231, and 42 while meeting US EPA requirements for bacteria and parasite removal.

However, homeowners with compact refrigerators might find it challenging to squeeze this water filter pitcher into the fridge because it is tall at 14.25 inches. Moreover, young children, the elderly, and folks with weak arms might need extra effort lifting this 1.4-pound pitcher.

These issues are minor compared to this water filter pitcher’s advantages. Its benefits to the family are unquestionable.

What We Like
  • Advanced micro, activated carbon, and ion-exchange filtration technologies
  • Impressive 99.999999% bacterial reduction thanks to the 0.02-micron microfilter
  • Can also remove parasites and harmful chemicals
  • Filters last two to twelve months
  • Meets multiple NSF and EPA requirements
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit tall and hefty

5. Brita Everyday Pitcher

Very few water filtration system brands can be as dependable as Brita. While the German company is best known for its commercial products, it is also getting itself well-established among homeowners. Families who get their water from the well can rely on the Brita Everyday Pitcher to provide them with a drink that is safe and fresh.

The Brita Everyday Pitcher features the brand’s Longlast filter that can guarantee more extended filtration capabilities than its standard water filter. Water tests confirmed the brand’s claims of lower levels of contaminants using the Everyday Pitcher. These compounds include cadmium, copper, chlorine, and Mercury. These molecules are widespread in well water.

The pitcher also has a sleek design. It allows you to put the Everyday Pitcher on the side shelf of your refrigerator. We find this to be a beneficial feature since most brands of pitchers cannot fit the narrow space of side shelves. They must be placed on the shelves of the main compartment of the refrigerator.

Another innovation that we liked about the Everyday Pitcher is the filter change sticker. |It replaces the more high-tech filter change reminder that higher-end Brita products have. At least, you will have a way of knowing when you are supposed to replace the filter.

Unfortunately, Brita chose to use plastics instead of more premium-quality materials in the manufacture of its Everyday Pitcher. It gives the product a very cheap feel. The pitcher looks very brittle, and its lid does not form a secure seal in the opening.

If you take care of the handling of the Everyday Pitcher, then this Brita product can be a real lifesaver. It can provide you with great-tasting and clean water to drink. The design is also more minimalist than other brands, allowing you to save precious space in your refrigerator.

What We Like
  • Reduces the levels of contaminants in the water a lot better than other brands
  • Space-saving design to fit the side shelves of refrigerators
  • Comes with appropriate third-party quality certifications
  • Long filter service life
  • Comes with filter change indicator sticker
What We Don’t Like
  • The pitcher has a cheap plastic feel to it

6. Seychelle pH20 Water Filter Pitcher

Which water filter pitcher removes the most contaminants? It is a question among those that are shopping around for a water filter pitcher. People with diabetes, high blood cholesterol level, and high blood pressure can benefit from drinking water with a higher pH than usual. Alkaline water can also be beneficial to people who have acid reflux disease. If you have any of these conditions, you would also want a steady supply of alkaline water in your home. The top-rated product for that is the Seychelle pH20 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher.

There are several things we love about the Seychelle pH20. One is its ability to increase the pH of drinking water. While our tests revealed that the pitcher’s pH-raising technology does not produce a very high pH of 14, it does increase it to a more acceptable level of 8 to 8.8. It is enough for people who have certain health conditions and who require alkaline water.

The second noteworthy attribute of the Seychelle pH20 is its ability to remove different compounds that can make the water unsafe to drink. It results in well water that is fresher, more pleasant, and cleaner to drink. We also love the slim profile of the pitcher, which makes storage a lot easier.

We have a couple of issues with the Seychelle pH20. One is that it has a smaller pitcher capacity than others on the market. It is not a deal-breaker, especially if you have a small household. The other issue is the design of the pitcher. Water first goes in the chamber underneath the lid. This is where the filtration mechanism is located. Unfortunately, you will have to empty the water in this chamber first before you can pour water into a glass without spilling.

These are not significant issues. The important thing is that the Seychelle pH20 can do two things. One, it can reduce the levels of harmful chemicals in your well water. Two, it can increase the pH of the water to give you a more alkaline drink.

What We Like
  • Produces alkaline water for more health benefits
  • High-capacity water filter for more extended use
  • More effective in the removal of more water contaminants
  • Space-saving design
  • Good quality construction
What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller pitcher capacity than other brands
  • Issues of spills

7. Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher

Clearly Filtered is not a recognizable brand of portable water filtration systems. However, it does provide products that come close or can even surpass the performance of the products of leading brands. One such product is the Clearly Filtered Water Pitcher.

One of the main selling points of Clearly Filtered is its filtration capabilities. As such, we had to run a series of tests to confirm what the company claims. Our tests showed that the Clearly Filtered is useful in the reduction of close to 200 potential contaminants in well water. This is close enough to the claims of the company.

Our findings are significant because the other products we tested can only remove up to a hundred or so harmful compounds. This makes Clearly Filtered an excellent choice for families who want to ensure safe drinking water for everyone in the household.

The pitcher also comes with quality certifications that guarantee the product’s performance. The company also backs it up with a guarantee that it lasts a lifetime.

This is not to say that Clearly Filtered does not come with its own set of drawbacks. First, the filter’s capacity is so-so, accommodating only about 100 gallons. While the number may look great, real-world use often translates to lower figures. Second, we found leaks in the pitcher that we tested. A pitcher should prevent water from leaking through the sides of its lid when you pour water into a glass. This suggests a design flaw in the Clearly Filtered.

While these drawbacks can be real issues for some people, the Clearly Filtered Water Filter Pitcher is still the choice of many. It provides safe, odor-free, and great-tasting water for everyone. It does not matter if your water came from the well. The Clearly Filtered delivers water the way you should drink it.

What We Like
  • Removes more than 230 harmful metals and chemicals
  • Comes with ANSI and NSF certifications for quality
  • Durable and safe pitcher materials
  • Good customer service
  • Comes with a lifetime guarantee
What We Don’t Like
  • Filter capacity not as significant as other brands
  • Issues with leaks

8. Reshape Water 10-Cup Pitcher

For those folks looking for a filtration system with top-notch ingredients and materials, then the Reshape Water is your top-tier option. Perfect for domestic use, it has a design meant to make usage convenient with a lid that extends down to the handle. Hence, it allows the natural placement of the thumb to help you hold the lid down and have it remain shut to avoid spills. No spills mean no mess, and no mess means no frustrations.

The filters used in this 3.5-liter pitcher are BPA-free as certified by the US Laboratory. It is also SGS certified, so you can be confident that the water you put into your body or use for cooking is clean. It has effectively gone through the process of having the harmful contaminants removed. These impurities are not just limited to chlorine but also from heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. It uses the cleaning power of alkaline mineral balls, ion exchange resins, activated catalytic carbon, FIR balls, and minerals to alkalize and produce better-tasting water in just minutes. So, whether you are shopping for a glass water filter pitcher, you might want to consider this item.

What I find unique about the Reshape Water System is it is not just a water purifier because while it removes impurities. It also adds natural and healthy alkalizing metals. It is by the release of adequate amounts of Potassium, Magnesium, Sodium, and Calcium. These elements soften hard water, and as a result, you get smooth and clean water that is safe for you.

I also recommend it because it works well with the budget. One filter is good for 75 days, and that same filter would have produced a total of 79 gallons for consumption. The overall design is to serve you for many years.

While this is a promising and reasonable keep for domestic use, a little disappointing fact though, is you might need to take out the filter to unclog it. I would say that the advantages of this product can compromise for filter clogging sometimes. Overall, I liked how the system works with simplicity and efficiency.
What We Like
  • NSF certified specialized catalytic activated carbon
  • User-friendly design
  • BPA free
  • Filter life of 75 day
  • Easy to clean
What We Don’t Like
  • The filter needs removal occasionally to avoid too much clogging

9. PUR CR1100CV

An established company that is known to be a reliable source of potable and safe water, the classic PUR water filter pitcher is perfect for homes. It can serve 11 glasses of 8 oz water, and the filter can process 40 gallons of water before you need to have it replaced. Don’t worry though because this comes with

Its design includes an easy-grip handle and lit to make refilling easy. The materials used are also BPA-free, and the filter and the pitcher are both recyclable. It is also compact in that it can easily fit inside your refrigerator without having to occupy half the space inside. You can also just set it proud on your countertop and it will provide well with your kitchen setup.
What sets this apart from other filters is that it uses MAXION filter technology where 96% of Mercury, 94% of pharmaceuticals, and 95% of industrial pollutants are removed. It also reduces the odor and taste of chlorine. The filter itself is unique because it is made of heat-treated coconut shells. Coupled with the use of an activated carbon filter that helps reduce Mercury, zinc, and lead. You are guaranteed cleaner and fresher water every time.

I like how it is economical and people-friendly. Its price makes it accessible to more people who can use this as an alternative means of getting clean and healthy water.

I would say that the only downer for the PUR CR1100CV 11 Cup Filtration Pitcher is it is a tad heavy when full. You’d need both hands to prevent any spills and messes. Overall, this one gets five stars. Despite it being heavy when complete, adjustments can be made anyway. You have the option not to fill it up to the brim anyway. It is a small disadvantage when you compare it with all the benefits that you can get out of it.
What We Like
  • MAXION filter technology
  • 11 8-oz. glasses of clean water in one pitcher
  • Filters 40 gallons of water before the need to replace
  • BPA free
  • Budget-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • Heavyweight when full

10. pH RESTORE Alkaline Water Pitcher

With its massive filter capacity of 1500 cups or 96 gallons of water, the pH RESTORE Alkaline Pitcher is your ultimate choice for cost-efficient and quick filtration. If you can imagine how many store-bought water bottles you will not need with this at home, you will realize how much money you will be saving.

With a promise of clean and safe water, this water pitcher filters all water impurities and particles like dust and sand. Aside from that, it also removes the taste and smell of chlorine, fluoride, chloramine, and other heavy metals. Part of its filtering process is the removal of the negative potential of the water, and it creates high-antioxidant water where free radicals are neutralized and all on a cellular level.

It does its ultimate job of purifying water. Still, at the same time, it also helps increase the pH level of the water to up to 10 and aids in the production of small molecular-sized ionized water. If water can get any healthier, the RESTORE can do that for you.

I love the design of this pitcher. It is so modern that you’d like to have it visible for everyone to see. Aside from how it looks, it also features a lid that is easy to fill and lift. It also comes with a digital gauge, so you are on top of the filter replacement if needed.

Another reason for recommending this filter pitcher is because of its generous support to charity. The company believes which I do, too, that everyone should have ready access to clean and safe water, but that’s not the case. So, with every purchase of this product, a portion goes to a charity that helps in building sustainable water resources for people who needs it.

One thing that can be improved though is the lid as you need to cover it with your hands for additional support lest everything pours away. At a little cost and with all the money it can save you. It will put in more support to keep the lid on is a minimal compromise with all the benefits you get from this filtering pitcher. With a great cause and lots of promising features of this portable filter in a pitcher, you can’t go wrong.
What We Like
  • Purchase with a cause
  • Huge capacity
  • Cool design
  • Filters 96 gallons before replacement
  • Budget-friendly
What We Don’t Like
  • Additional hand support on the lid

Outdated Products

Clear2o CWS100 Water Filter Pitcher (Outdated)

The Clear2o water filter pitcher is an excellent buy if you are looking for domestic-friendly filtration systems sans the complicated installation and expensive costs. Starting with the pitcher, is 100% BPA-free and made of recyclable plastic. It can hold 9 cups of clean and ready-to-drink water. It has a hinged flap over the pitcher’s spout, so it automatically opens when you lift it to pour. It is designed to make it easier to pour and to stop pollutants like dirt and dust from getting into the filtered water.

It also doesn’t take long to have filtered water ready for consumption because this model can directly connect to the faucet and using the existing water pressure, it will allow the water to flow through the filter. The pitcher can be full in a minute, which you can call real fast filtering. It can filter 50 gallons of water before you need the filter replaced. You also don’t need to second guess when it is time to replace the filter because it has an intelligent filter indicator that will provide you with the go signal for maintenance. Reading the filter is not complicated either because if it is green, then it is still going. Once it turns red, then it is time to get another one in place.

However, potential buyers, though, would just have to know that the Clear2o is only compatible with the standard faucet. Spray faucets won’t work, and it also requires a faucet aerator adapter to be installed. With these two reminders, you should be good to go. In conclusion, this is a smart investment. Most households have the standard faucet anyway, so more can utilize and take advantage of the benefits of Clean2o. It is economical, efficient, and reliable so you better consider this the next time you are out looking for a water filter pitcher
What We Like
  • Solid block carbon filter
  • 11 8-oz. glasses of clean water in one pitcher
  • Filters 40 gallons of water before the need to replace
  • BPA free
  • Intelligent filter indicator
What We Don’t Like
  • It is only compatible with a standard faucet, and the hose is only 9 inches long

What Is A Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water/ Who Is This For


If you are interested in purifying and filtering your tap water supply, purchasing a water filter pitcher is an excellent place to start.

Unlike bigger and bulkier water filtration systems, a water filter pitcher is small and portable. It’s a self-contained unit as it only filters a few liters of water, depending on its size and capacity.

These water filter pitchers utilize an activated carbon filter or cartridge filter to facilitate filtration. Hence, once you pour water into the pitcher, all the contaminants, particles, and other impurities all adhere to the carbon filter.

With all these contaminants removed, you will now have clean and safe water in your pitcher. You wouldn’t have to worry about these particles contaminating your water supply ever again due to the bypass system. If you pour water into a glass, this system prevents the water from passing through the filter again.

The carbon filter can remove and eliminate chlorine, volatile organic chemicals, trihalomethane compounds, giardia, and cryptosporidium.

Water filter pitchers are recommended for those who spend a lot on buying bottled water or water gallons. With a water pitcher for well water, you can save money as you filter your tap water.

Not only that, but you also get to save some space in your household. Unlike large dispensers and gallons, the water filter pitcher only takes up a small amount of space. It just sits on top of your counters or tables and remains invisible until such time you need them again.

Having a water filter pitcher also means having a constant supply of clean and safe water. |It is a must for every household, especially those with children and the elderly. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about acquiring diseases and the like.

A water filter pitcher is also great during emergencies. With this, you wouldn’t have to worry about running out of a clean water supply.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Water Filter Pitcher For Well Water


Knowing the pros and cons of a product is essential, especially when you are still debating purchasing one or not. With this, you can evaluate if it can suit your needs and if it will fit into your lifestyle.

The water filter pitcher is no different. In this section, we will list all the advantages and disadvantages of using a water filter pitcher to help you decide.


Purify Water

Your tap water supply is not always as safe as you may think. While it may have undergone a process, there may still be some impurities and contaminants left.

With a water filter pitcher, you can filter and eliminate your water supply using the pitcher’s carbon filter. This filter will act as a beacon for all contaminants, thereby removing them from your tap water supply.


Unlike large and bulky house filtration systems, water filter pitchers are small and portable. They do not consume a lot of space and are easy to carry around. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and use since they don’t contain a lot of parts.

As such, it’s convenient to use in your homes, offices, dorms, apartments, etc.


With a water filter pitcher, you have the option of just filtering out your water. As such, you get to save up on buying bottled water or water gallons.


Water filter pitchers do not require installation since they don’t contain many parts. They are also easy to use and maintain. Replacements are also not that expensive compared to other water filtration systems.


Limited Amount of Water Filtered

How much water you can filter is on the size and capacity of your water filter pitcher. As such, you can only penetrate a limited amount of water every time. Most pitchers can only hold at most 10 cups. With this amount, some users may find it inconvenient since you need to filter often.

Long Filtering Time

Water filter pitchers also take ample time when it comes to filtering water. Given the limited amount it can hold, some users might find this a hassle.

Does not filter completely

Since it’s only a small and portable unit, water filter pitchers are less effective in filtering out water than more extensive and expensive water filtration systems.

The water filter pitcher can effectively improve the taste and smell of your water. Still, it does not thoroughly flush out the impurities in your water.

Buying Guide


Water filter pitchers are an excellent start for those who are new or want to start filtering their water. They are small and portable but just as efficient and effective as whole house filtration systems.

Due to their popularity, water filter pitchers come in different styles, types, and sizes. This wide array of choices might be confusing, especially to beginners.

However, you don’t have to worry. This section will list down all the factors you need to take into consideration when it comes to purchasing your water filter pitcher.

Filter Capabilities

When it comes to buying a water filter pitcher, make sure that it has passed the required standards and certifications. Without these present, your water filter pitcher may not be up to par or may perform sub-standardly.

One thing you should look out for is if the water filter pitcher complies with NSF/ANSI standards. An NSF/ANSI 42 certification indicates that the filter can improve the smell and taste of your water. On the other hand, the NSF/ANSI 53 standards mean that the pitcher can also eliminate harmful pollutants and impurities in your water.

Another thing you should also see is if the company is a part of the Water Quality Association.

Filter Life

The filter’s lifespan depends on the level of contamination and the amount of water it must filter per day. The manufacturer usually indicates these numbers.

It’s recommended that you purchase a filter that can last between two and six months. This timeframe is not too short to warrant extra costs and not too long to affect the filter’s efficacy.


Water filter pitchers are usually made from plastics to make them affordable and lightweight. However, make sure you purchase the right one.

Low-quality plastics will only pose risks as they may even be the source of chemicals and other contaminants in your water. It’s recommended to purchase pitchers that are BPA-free since they’re safe to use.


Water filter pitchers come in different shapes and sizes. This factor depends on how many people are there in your household.

If there are more than two people in your house, then it’s best to buy a bigger pitcher. With this, you won’t have to refill the pitcher and wait for it to filter constantly. A bigger pitcher holds more water and means a lesser hassle and inconvenience.

Easy to Use and Clean

Generally, all water filter pitchers are easy to use and assemble since they contain fewer parts. However, it would be best if you made sure that the pitcher is sturdy and durable.

For one, the jug, handle, lid, reservoirs, and filters should fit together tightly to prevent any leakage. The filter should also be easy to detach for easy cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning, you need to clean the water filter pitcher about once a week. With this, you can prevent and stop algae, bacteria, and other contaminants from growing inside, which might contaminate your already-filtered water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does Brita pitcher work on well water?

Yes, Brita water filter pitchers are good for making well water safe and pleasant enough to drink, provided the well water contains only minimal to moderate contaminants. Otherwise, you are better off with a water softening pitcher if the well water has unusually high hardness mineral levels.

Overall, Brita filter pitchers can reduce heavy metals, particulates, chlorine, and the biggest bacterial species. Sadly, these pitchers might be ineffective in screening well water with iron concentrations higher than average.

Which one is better: LifeStraw or Brita?

Brita has 13 different water filter pitcher models compared to LifeStraw’s Home filter pitcher (available in seven- and ten-cup capacities). Pitting the two water filter pitchers can be challenging because of the many potential combinations. However, we will focus more on their water filtration technologies.

Brita’s Elite filter can reduce lead and other water contaminants by 99%. Meanwhile, LifeStraw removes 99.999999% of bacterial species and 99.999% of parasites and microplastics. It also eliminates pesticides, PFAS, chlorine, herbicides, mercury, cadmium, chromium, sulfur, and other heavy metals.

Brita’s Elite filter lifespan is only six months or about 120 gallons. Its standard filter can last only two months or about 40 gallons. Meanwhile, LifeStraw’s microfilter can screen 264 gallons of water, and its activated carbon with ion-exchange filter lasts 40 gallons or about two months.

Brita’s only advantage over LifeStraw is its solid track record, having been established in 1966, whereas LifeStraw first introduced its Personal water filter straw in 2005. So I’d say that LifeStraw beats Brita in the water filtration race.

How long does a water filter pitcher for well water last?

According to Consumer Reports, a water filter pitcher for hard water or well water can last two to twelve months, depending on its filtration technology and how heavily contaminated the water is.

For example, LifeStraw can filter about 264 gallons of water, which should last about a year. On the other hand, Brita’s Elite water filter can only accommodate about six months, while its standard filter only lasts two months. The variance between the two water filter pitcher brands results from LifeStraw’s proprietary water filtration technology.

Heavily contaminated well water can shorten a filter pitcher’s lifespan. The filtration membrane can clog easily because of the large volume of impurities it must screen. Likewise, increased water consumption undermines the filter’s longevity.

What is the most trusted water filter pitcher for well water brands?

While you can find many brands of water filter pitchers for well water, you cannot trust all of them. It is why you need to check on the brand to ensure that they are committed to the quality and performance of their filter pitchers. A few of those to trust include Aquagear, Brita, Seychelle, and Clearly Filtered, among the rest, featured earlier.

What is the warranty?

You can find information on this on the label or specifications page of the product you want to buy. It varies from one model to another and brand to brand. If it does not specify, you can also contact customer support. You need to know the warranty for added peace of mind in the purchase. It is a crucial part of the buying process. 

How to care & clean?

You can refer to the user manual and then follow the specific manufacturer’s directions on how to clean and take care of your best water filter pitcher for well water. Nevertheless, you don’t need to do complicated steps in performing the care and cleaning.

Where to buy?

You can find these water filters for well water in home depots and supply shops. But for a wide range of options, you can check out online marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay. You can also buy from the website of the manufacturers themselves.


There you have what to know about finding the best water filter pitcher for well water. You can find so many of them on the market. Each of these items has its strong and weak points. It is why comparing them side by side can help you figure out which of these filter pitchers are for your needs.

We’re hoping you’ll find the right filter pitcher for well water with the features you’re looking for so that you can start reaping their benefits, such as contaminant removal, portability, and efficiency. Buy your water filter pitcher and ensure clean water today!

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