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The Best Alkaline Water Filters for More Natural Minerals

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

Considering drinking fresh and clean water but do not want to buy bottled alkaline water all the time? If you’re one of those that want to save in the end for a water filter, you might be looking for the best alkaline water filter. It works by eliminating different water contaminants. Some models also add minerals to the water. Moreover, these alkaline water filters are easy to install, operate, and maintain. More so, it works long-term and is an eco-friendly solution.

best alkaline water filter

However, you might be confused about shopping around for one that can offer you the best results and most benefits. For help, we’ve prepared a buying guide. It features the market’s most excellent alkaline water filters. Each of them has its unique qualities and features, along with downsides.

First-time buyers of alkaline water treatment and filtration systems find it challenging to separate good products from mediocre ones because they almost look the same, and the choices are simply too many. That said, you can narrow your choices by considering several factors, including the following.

  • pH Range: Homeowners must test their water’s pH to determine how much adjustment is necessary. Only then should they start finding alkaline water filters that can elevate pH levels according to their need. Note that drinking water usually has a pH of 6.5 to 8.5.
  • Contaminant Removal Capabilities: An alkaline filter adds minerals and other alkalis to the water to increase its pH level. It does not remove water contaminants. However, some water treatment systems integrate an ionizing element into their filtration system. Hence, it will be wise to consider the impurities removed and whether or not it has the appropriate certification to support the claims.
  • Installation and Maintenance Requirements: Countertop alkaline water filtration systems are effortless to set up and require minimal maintenance. Meanwhile, whole-house and under sink water treatments with integrated alkalize filters might require professional installation and more comprehensive upkeep.

Making an informed choice through comparison, you can have a more satisfying experience. To get started, keep reading and later choose the right alkaline water filter for you.

Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

EHM Alkaline Water Pitcher


Most Budget-Friendly

Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter 


Most Durable

Apex Water Filter


Table of Contents

Top 12 Alkaline Water Filter Reviews

1. EHM Ultra-Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher

The EHM water pitcher is another top pick in the category for its reliable performance and features. You might want to check out if you are looking to get a constant supply of alkaline water at home or in the office. It is one of the most chosen alkalized water filters on the market for its premium quality. It is made of excellent materials to ensure its long-lasting performance. You can check it out if you’re looking to get more of your spending. The filter is made of state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, ensuring its great performance.

The pitcher has a high capacity of two liters of filtration for its 3.8-liter size. I would also like to note that this item can fit into a shelf or fridge conveniently. Without any hassle, you can get alkaline water, while also using a pitcher that is easily fitting into the refrigerator.

I also noticed that this model has a 6-stage filter cartridge. It is a unique and special filter that can remove heavy metals, chlorine, and other pollutants in drinking water. I also liked that it can eventually raise the pH level of the water based on your source. It can increase the pH by up to 10.

Also, I liked that it can improve hydration. It works by reducing the molecule size, producing alkaline water that can be absorbed easily by the body. In this case, you can get hydrated more easily. Plus, you can be sure that you’re drinking water that is with antioxidants to improve the immune system and energy levels. The water filter can also remove contaminants, such as chlorine and heavy metals, while adding minerals, such as potassium.

However, there were reported quality control issues. Overall, you might want to check out this model if you are looking for the top-rated pH water filter for its excellent performance and features.
What We Like
  • Designed with an activated carbon filter
  • Space-saving and compact size
  • Can produce toxin-free and mineralized water
  • Durable materials for long-term use
What We Don’t Like
  • Quality control issues

2. Hskyhan Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

The water filter pitcher is another option when looking to get an alkaline water filter. It offers many useful features that will give you more out of your spending. This model is a pitcher that offers up to 10 cups of clean drinking water. The capacity is with a total filter content of 3.5 liters.

This model also features a 7-stage filtration. It can produce alkaline water, while also removing contaminants, including chlorine, fluoride, and harmful metals. This filter also removes lead and dirt from the water. Plus, it can remove any strange odors in the water.

Part of its valuable features, this model also comes with two high-quality filters. They work to produce clean and fresh drinking water. With this water filter, you can ensure that you don’t have to buy bottled alkaline water all the time. You also save the environment because you reduce waste in the environment. I also liked that it comes with a timer. It works by measuring the days left in the filter’s life expectancy. With it, you also know when you need to replace the filter.

The filter is also economical. It can purify up to 300 bottles with 16 ounces capacity each. With it, you can save much on water that you would have spent on buying bottled water. I also liked that it has an easy oval design. It is elegant and straightforward. You can put this pitcher in the fridge without any hassles. Plus, it has an ergonomic handle that you can quickly assemble or disassemble.

However, this model is a smaller capacity for some users. You might want another featured here if you’re looking for a filter that can filter a higher amount of water in no time. But still, the alkaline water filter is one of the finest around for its features and performance. It is also long-lasting and quality for providing your family with clean and safe drinking water.
What We Like
  • Dramatically improves water pH level
  • Compact and lightweight
  • 7-stage filtration system
  • Environment-friendly solution
  • Sleek oval design and outline
What We Don’t Like
  • Smaller capacity for some people

3. Apex Countertop Drinking Water Filter

If you want to alkalize water filters and experience the benefits, including excellent health, you must pick the right water filter to produce alkaline water. While you can find many brands and models on the market, you don’t just trust any brand of filter. One of the most trusted is APEX. The MR-1050 Alkaline filter is a top-rated choice in the category and for reasons.

The clear water filter is also affordable, while also being high in quality. There is nothing quite like the Apex when it comes to value and quality. Speaking of performance, you will love that it can reduce the level of contaminants in the water. The countertop drinking water system can get rid of the pollutants in the water. A few of these include sediment, chlorine, and radon. Besides, it can reduce the level of giardia cysts and Cryptosporidium in the water. Both can result in water-borne illnesses.

Part of these features, the filter can also get rid of the harmful pesticides and mercury in the water. Both these contribute to the contaminants in the water. If you would like to ensure your loved ones are drinking clean and safe water, you might want to invest in this APEX drinking water filter.

Besides the clean and fresh drinking water, this filter is also easy to set up. You can connect it straight to your faucet. This model is convenient in that it can sit on the kitchen counter. I also liked that it comes with the needed hardware for installation. All you need to do is to take off the aerator screen before screwing on the collar on its diverter valve.

It is also more cost-effective to use this filter than buying bottled alkaline water from time to time. With the alkaline water filter, you can stop wasting money while also saving the environment. So, aside from its money-saving benefits, you can take advantage of its eco-friendliness.

On the downside, quality control issues were reported. But then, the overall support from this brand is quite impressive. People with problems with their filters can contact and get reliable help from APEX. And overall, the alkalizing water filter is one of the top-tier around for its great solution. If you’re looking for a great brand that strives hard to give nothing but excellent quality, you might want to check out the APEX alkaline water filter for its affordability and performance.
What We Like
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • Money-saving for not having to buy bottled water
  • Quality and made in the USA
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Affordable and high-performance
What We Don’t Like
  • Quality control issues

4. iSpring RCC7AK Under Sink RO Filter System

The drinking water reverse osmosis water filter from iSpring is another top choice in this category. It is with excellent features, including improving the taste of and remineralizing water. The reverse osmosis system features a six-stage filtration. It can help in restoring water’s natural alkalinity. It can also provide you and your loved ones with mineral-balanced water.

Using it, you can enjoy pure and clean water because it also works in removing up to 99% of contaminants, including fluoride, chlorine, sodium, asbestos, and arsenic. It can also remove up to 98% of lead from drinking water.

I also liked that the RCC7AK is designed with a remineralization filter that can restore healthy minerals in drinking water. The pH balanced water filter can produce balanced alkalinity water, while also adding minerals to it. Using it, you can look forward to slightly acidic water that can provide you and your loved ones with pH of 7 or below water.

Also, this model is with a modern and stylish design. It features a transparent kitchen faucet that allows you to see what exactly is going on. It also has three additional pre-filters that can get rid of contaminants to ensure clean drinking water. It can also help in restoring natural alkaline and healthy minerals in the water.

This model also offers quick and easy installation. All the accessories you need are included in the purchase. Also, this filter is an eco-friendly solution because it can reduce the use of plastic. Plus, you can save money because you can have your filtered water.

However, there are reported leak issues from some users. But still, you might want to check it out if you are looking for an excellent filtration system that works efficiently. It is also made of quality and durable materials for more value for your investment. Overall, I liked the RCC7AK for its multiple layers of filtration that makes it more effective in removing harmful contaminants, while also remineralizing water.
What We Like
  • Quality and durable construction
  • DIY installation
  • Money-saving and eco-friendly
  • Excellent filtration capacity
  • Comes with Alkaline Remineralization filter
What We Don’t Like
  • Leak issues reported

5. Express Water RO Filtration System

One of my favorites in the category is the 10-Stage RO Water Filter from Express Water. It is a complete kit that you can quickly install and use. You will not have a hard time setting up this unit at all. It already comes with a faucet and a tank. You don’t need to buy anything else if you choose this system. You can take the hassle out of the installation process.

It is an under the sink water filter. It doesn’t occupy much space, too. Another thing I liked about the system is that it works as a reverse osmosis filter. It can make water fresh and clean. This model can work efficiently in removing 99.9 percent of lead, fluoride, and chlorine. Also, it can get rid of arsenic, bacteria, and calcium.

Another thing I shouldn’t forget to mention is its effectiveness in adding minerals to the water. This model can add magnesium, potassium, and calcium to your water. It is under the sink model. It works effectively in terms of not having to mess with activating or refilling the filter. Using this filter, you can fill the water tank with fresh drinking water.

Also, you might want to know that this model is with leak detection. It comes with an emergency leak detector. It works by shutting off the water flow if it detects any moisture. I would also like to mention that this model offers a customizable filter system. The water system is upgradable with connecting fittings. You can add filtration attachments, such as a deionization filter and a UV water filter.

On the downside, some people find it more expensive than other models. But if you would weigh its benefits, you can notice that it can offer more for its price. It has a leak detection system. It is also space-saving and can eliminate many water contaminants. If you would like to start drinking clean, healthy, and fresh water, you might want to check out the Express Water filtration system.
What We Like
  • Can get rid of different water contaminants
  • Leak detection function
  • Customizable to suit your needs
  • Space-saving under the sink model
  • Works in the reverse osmosis system
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite pricey

6. APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75

Most water filtration systems adhere to the basic principle of diffusion to reduce impurities in water. The APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series uses reverse osmosis in providing you with clean, safe, and alkaline drinking water.

Osmosis moves water molecules from an area with a greater concentration of water molecules to an area with less water molecule concentration. Reverse osmosis follows the same process, but in the other direction. This results in a more efficient reduction of impurities that may accompany drinking water. This is the main reason why the Essence Series is so effective in its ability to reduce impurities or contaminants in water.

Our tests showed that the Essence Series could reduce microorganisms, chemicals, and other organic substances in water. The difference is very noticeable every time you bathe. The skin and hair feel and look healthier and more robust. Alkaline water from the Essence Series can also be beneficial for people who want to boost their immune system. The system features very durable water filters that can contribute to its exceptional value. We admire the ease of installation of the Essence Series.

Unfortunately, the filter canisters are secured very tightly. We had to use a unique device to unscrew it from its attachment. There is good news about this, of course. A tight connection ensures zero leaks. The APEC Water Systems ROES-PH75 Essence Series is an excellent system for modern households that want safe and clean alkaline water. It is more affordable than other systems. It comes with a few neat innovations that will have you using more water for your health and well-being.
What We Like
  • Utilizes a more efficient reverse osmosis system
  • Effective filtration and ionization of water
  • Easy to maintain long-lasting filters
  • Easy to install
  • Good overall value
What We Don’t Like
  • Filter canister can be tricky to remove

7. Express Water UV RO Water System

What is the top-quality alkaline water system? If you’re looking for a UV Water Filter, you might want to consider this unit. It can offer 11 different filtration stages to ensure that you get quality and fresh drinking water all the time. It is a reverse osmosis water filter that lets you experience what you should with water. This filter also works effectively in getting rid of 99.9% of pollutants, such as chlorine, lead, and fluoride. It can also help in getting rid of bacteria, arsenic, and calcium.

The UV Water Purification System can offer effective and powerful sterilization. It can help in getting rid of viruses, e. coli, and microorganisms. It can help in ensuring you and your loved ones are drinking clean water. I also liked that it has an Active Mineral Technology that works by adding essential minerals, including magnesium and potassium to the water.

I would also like to note that this model is an under-sink filter that promotes quick and easy installation. You don’t need to hire a professional to install it for you. There is also no need to worry about leaks and messes with activating or refilling the filtration system. It can work to fill the water tank automatically. It also comes with an emergency leak stop detector. It can turn the water flow off when it detects any moisture.

However, this UV filtration system is a bit expensive. But if you would weigh its benefits, you can be sure that you’re getting more value out of your investment. So, if you’re shopping around for an excellent filter to deliver quality and clean drinking water, you might want to check out this item.
What We Like
  • 11 filtration stages
  • Leak detection stops leaks fast
  • Can supply high-quality drinking water
  • Compact and sleek water filter
  • UV Water Purification System
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit expensive

8. pH REVIVE Alkaline Water Ionizer

The alkaline water bottle is a handy and convenient carry filter. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and people that want to drink clean water anywhere. It is compact to bring and fits into a backpack. The Alkaline Water Bottle & Carry Case can produce filtered water on-the-go.

The 25oz water ionizer in aqua color is perfect for traveling. It is also handy to bring to the office. You can also consider it if you like a convenient to carry water filter while on a holiday or hiking. The alkaline water bottle is also perfect for survivalists.

Also, this alkaline water ionizer is one of the most trusted choices if you want an efficient filter to reduce heavy metals in the water. That’s not all because this filter bottle also works by reducing the level of chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine.

I also liked that it comes with an adjustable carry case. It is an ergonomic element in the design that suits active use. Speaking of design, this model is with a flip-top lid that keeps contaminants out of the container.

However, you might need to replace the cartridge more often based on the water condition. Overall, I liked this alkaline bottle and its unique features, including an adjustable carry case and BPA-free materials. I would also like to note that the filter can last about one month based on the water condition. Finally, the Invigorated Water filter bottle is one of the top-tier around for quality and performance. It can meet and even exceed expectations, and there is no doubt that it is by a reputable brand.
What We Like
  • Comes with an adjustable carry case
  • Ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists
  • With a 16-gallon capacity
  • BPA-free materials
  • Clean and fresh drinking water
What We Don’t Like
  • Might need cartridge replacement sooner depending on water condition

9. Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer

This model is one of the most chosen pH balancing water filters on the market now. The water ionizer is another to check out if you want to reap the benefits of drinking alkaline water. It is loaded with features that you will love in a filter. For one, the home water filtration system can offer you pH balanced water. It can produce between five and 11 pH levels of alkaline water.

The Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 is advanced. It can produce a high pH level of water. I liked that it also comes with an inner activated carbon filter that can clean and treat 4,000 liters of water. It is a valuable investment that gives you more out of your spending. Besides improving the pH level of water, this alkaline can also help create natural antioxidants in the water with reduced ORP levels. Speaking of the health benefits, this ionizer can also support hydration which can also improve well-being.

More so, I liked its design and construction. It is portable and durable for long-lasting performance and use. The ionizer also comes with the accessories you need for easy and quick installation. You can install it in the bathroom, utility room faucet, or kitchen. Another thing I liked is that the installation takes only minutes. The model comes with an easy to follow user manual. Plus, the diagram can help, too. For its design, it is intuitive and stylish. It can complement the decoration of the space where you choose to set it up.

This Aqua-Ionizer Deluxe 5.0 also helps reduce plastic waste because you don’t have to buy bottled drinking water all the time. At home, you can always produce antioxidant-loaded and freshwater. Also, this water ionizer is with platinum-coated titanium, improving its durability and efficiency. In terms of performance, you can also look forward to its high-quality filters that can filter and purify more than 1 585 gallons of water.

However, this model doesn’t work with well water. But overall, you might want to check it out if you want a durable and high-performance filter. It can also offer quick installation and includes needed accessories.
What We Like
  • Sleek, stylish and elegant design
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Can help produce vitalized and clean water
  • Reduces plastic waste
  • Comes with complete accessories and manual
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t work with well water

10. Invigorated Water Alkaline Water Filter Ionizer

If you’re looking for a space-saving ionizer and filter, you can consider the Invigorated Water pitcher. It is a countertop model that can complement any kitchen design because it has a sleek and modern design. The Countertop Water Filter Purifier Machine is a water pitcher that can offer clean and fresh drinking water all the time. With it, you can help in reducing plastic waste in the environment.

Another thing that makes this ionizer filter pitcher one of the top-quality on the market is its PH001 filter, which works by offering multi-stage filtration. It can raise the pH level of water to pH 10. It can also work by increasing the ORP while ionizing the water effectively. Aside from purifying the water, it can remineralize your drinking water. It can add calcium and selenium to make healthier drinking water.

Also, this model effectively removes chlorine, fluoride, and chloramine, while also filtering the heavy metals present in the water. While it does clean the water, it can also provide high-tasting water with no foul odor.

I also liked that it has a high filter capacity. This filter can filter up to 1500 cups or 360 liters of water. By choosing this water filter ionizer, you can also save up to 720 bottles of filtered water. I also liked that it has a compact design. You can fit it conveniently on a shelf or refrigerator in the office or home.

The materials are also BPA-free and high-quality. They are certified by TUV and SGS, among others.

However, it is not a sink filter. Also, you might have to buy the PH002 membrane filter if you want to improve this model’s filtration ability. But overall, the pH RECHARGE 1F UPC 850006539024 is one of the most trusted choices around for its modern design, heavy-duty construction, and smooth operation.
What We Like
  • Large capacity water pitcher
  • Can filter out impurities and particles, including dust and sand
  • Can produce high pH and ionized water
  • Easy to use and with a space-saving design
  • Comes with a multiple-stage filter
What We Don’t Like
  • Not an alkaline water faucet filter
  • Might have to buy the PH002 membrane filter to improve its performance

11. CosanUSA Pure Alkaline Water Machine

The CosanUSA Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine is unlike any other water filtration system you have ever seen. It has an exquisite, shiny black design that sits well on any kitchen countertop. It also has enough features to add a futuristic flair to your kitchen.

One of the essential features of the CosanUSA unit is its Pure Hydration technology. It uses natural mechanisms to ionize tap water and make it a healthier option for your family. Its filtration capability is also remarkable. It can filter tiny particles that have a diameter of 20 nanometers or .02 microns. Most of the filtration systems on the market can only remove particles with a larger diameter of at least 500 nanometers.

Not only is the CosanUSA an effective water filtering system. It also doubles as an ionizer by rejuvenating tap water with essential minerals. This increases the pH level of water, which can be beneficial to people who have certain health problems.

We also like the technologies integrated into CosanUSA. There are bright LED lights to indicate machine operation and filter replacement. The on/off sensor does not require any touching. There is also a quick-connect mechanism that allows users to connect the water filtration system to their refrigerator.

The CosanUSA alkaline water filter system is a lot more expensive than other systems. This is understandable and entirely justifiable, too, given the design and performance of the device. We do not expect all households can afford the CosanUSA Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine. For those who can, this is a system that is best for ensuring safe, healthy, and clean water for the whole household.
What We Like
  • Natural water ionizer
  • Effective water filtration
  • Excellent molecular hydrogen rating
  • Easy to connect to refrigerators
  • Very easy to maintain and operate
What We Don’t Like
  • Quite expensive

12. Invigorated Water Filter

The water filter system is another for quality filter to achieve a pur water filter pH level. The REGENERATE filter is a faucet type of water filter that you can easily install without much plumbing knowledge. You can install this product in minutes without any worries. You only need essential tools to get started in the installation. The installation is easy and quick. Plus, this product can also fit many faucets and come with five connectors along with a universal connector.

More so, the faucet water filter has a modern and compact design. It is made from stainless steel, which keeps it rust-free. The system is overall a great addition to your home. You can install or connect it to your bathroom or kitchen sink. It can deliver filtered, alkaline water.

I also liked that this model is with a multi-stage filter. It comes with the PH007 which can increase the water’s pH level. It can improve water smell, and taste, too. Plus, it can add minerals to the water. Some of these include magnesium, zinc, iron, and selenium. That is not all because it can also remove copper, mercury, and lead content in the water. It also removes limescale, chloramine, and chlorine.

The Invigorated Water filter can promote clean and safe drinking water. It can help keep your family safe and healthy all the time. It can ensure that fresh drinking water is always accessible to your household.

However, there were leaks reported in the use of this faucet filter. Nevertheless, the filter is one of the top-rated around for its quality and design. It is also space-saving and eco-friendly. You might want to check it out for yourself if you are looking for a filter with these features.
What We Like
  • Raises water pH level
  • Can filter out dust and sand
  • Ideal for kitchen tap, bathroom sink, and homes
  • High-capacity filter life
  • Easy installation
What We Don’t Like
  • Leak issues

What Is An Alkaline Water Filter/ Who Is This For


Alkaline water is considered good and healthier water because of having a pH level that is greater than 7. In the world pH chemistry, pH is the potential of hydrogen and the measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of matter.

People who want to have this better kind of water at home due to health reasons and other advantages would readily be open in installing their very own alkaline water filtration system at home. It might be at a smaller scale like an alkaline water filter bottle, one designed for pitchers or sinks, and up to a grander scale of having a complete setup with machines.

Regardless of the size or type of the preferred alkaline water, it basically becomes a part of your water treatment system either at home or in the office. Alkaline water is also referred to as an ionized water filter. Its process is to produce a chemical change in the water being treated. It will also separate the water into two kinds: alkaline and acidic water.

Alkaline water filters produce water clusters that are smaller compared to unfiltered ones. Smaller is better because the body would be able to absorb and digest it more easily. Quick absorption by the body is excellent because the hydration also becomes faster. The quantity of energy-rich oxygen is also improved. Users of alkaline water filters would also attest that the water output is better when it comes to taste.

Aside from increasing the overall pH level of water, alkaline water filters also take on a tremendous job when it comes to the total purification of your water. It removes all the undesirable and harmful contaminants as well as bacteria usually found in your water supply. There are a lot of choices when it comes to an alkaline water filter system for your home. With filtrations elements incorporated like carbon and ceramic, you and anyone else can quickly transform your usual drinking water into healthier, cleaner, and better-tasting water.

How Does It Work

An alkaline water filter is a water filtration system that treats water to the next level. It provides you with oxygen-rich water that makes it more convenient for your body because it can be absorbed more quicker. While these filters sift the contaminants from your water, it also increases its pH level of it.

This system works by utilizing the electrolysis process so the incoming water stream can be separated into two components: the acidic component and the alkaline component. The alkaline flow of the water treated is one that we refer to as the alkaline water output. As this also doubles as water filtration, processes to clean the water from contaminants are also incorporated.

Alkaline water filters usually have different stages of completing the process. This is how it works for an alkaline water filter for the sink, but again, it is a process regardless of the filter type. It starts with having a 5-micron sediment filter that is responsible for removing sand, grit, dirt, and other matter that is suspended on your water. This filter sifts at a bigger scale and protects the remainder of the filtration stages. It has removed any potential blockages or clogs that might develop due to sediment build-up.

The second and third stages in an alkaline water filter process would include carbon filters. The first one will remove chemicals, chlorine, and other elements that might potentially affect the taste and odor of your drinking water. This is relatively important because it removes chlorine out of the system, which is harmful to the whole system. The second carbon filter ensures that any chlorine that was bypassed by the first one gets finally entirely removed.

Depending on the brand of your alkaline water filter system, there might be an additional 3 to 4 more stages, all tasked with removing TDS from your water. Some of these chemicals are lead, copper, fluoride, and arsenic. As these unique in-between stages are complete, your water will pass through a coconut shell carbon polishing filter to achieve that perfect water flavor. At this point, the water is flowed from the storage tank and is ready to be dispensed from the faucet. Still, before that, it goes through the final stage of the alkaline minerals cartridge to alkalize the water. At this last stage, it raises the pH level already, and it can readily be consumed after filling up your glass straight from the faucet.

What Are The Different Types Of Alkaline Water Filters


Depending on your needs, preferences, and the number of consumers of water, you have a lot of options to choose from when you get your alkaline water filters. Note, though, that you also must consider the overall quality of your water supply before making a choice so you can get the maximum benefit of your alkaline water filter system. Here are some of the options that you can consider when shifting over to alkaline water filters.

  • Alkaline water filter bottles – perfect for always on the go and would like the portability and access to alkaline water. These are pH on the go bottles where the filters can be replaced in a matter of seconds. Not only will these bottles provide you with alkaline water, but it will also help you save on costs when it comes to buying bottled water. At the same time, it will also help in protecting the environment. Less plastic, the better.
  • Alkaline water filter pitchers – are highly recommended for those who want to check if this system will work for them. No commitments because these water filter pitchers are budget-friendly. Just like any regular pitcher, you fill it up with water from the tap, and the alkaline water filter incorporated in the middle will do its work of increasing the pH level and ionizing the water, making it better water for you. There is no electricity or cables involved but just a pitcher with a secret weapon where every time you pour water into your glass, you get water that is better tasting that would provide you with better hydration. With so many reviews available online, you can surely decide to ensure that you get the best alkaline water filter pitcher in the market.
  • Alkaline water filter for countertops – these are probably the top-tier whole house alkaline water filter because you can simply connect it to your standard faucet and work silently in the background. Every time you open your tap, comes water that is safe for drinking. This is perfect for most households because it will provide adequate filtered and alkalized water for everyone. This kind usually comes in a tank and might require a little plumbing for installation.
  • Alkaline water filter for refrigerator – this is perfect for those who get water and drink straight from their fridge. This alkaline water filter is incorporated into your cooling system, and the water that comes out is alkalized.
  • Under the sink types – they are convenient and easy to use. These are also built to last and can offer the fantastic health benefits of alkaline water for your loved ones.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Alkaline Water Filter

Indeed, more and more people are getting inclined to install their alkaline water filter systems. Who can blame them since using this kind of filter brings about a lot of advantages? The benefits of using an alkaline water filter outweigh the opportunities. Here are some of the many benefits of why a lot of people are making the switch.

  • Reduced contaminants – an essential health benefit of alkaline water is removing unwanted contaminants from your water supply. It doesn’t matter where you live because all water sources would always have some chemicals and pollutants on it. The severity will just vary depending on your place, but the bottom line is, these extra contaminants like lead, copper, and fluoride are not healthy for human consumption. Your alkaline water filter gets these harmful organisms and elements off your water making it safe for consumption.
  • Higher pH levels – aside from ensuring that your water is clean and safe for consumption, one of the other objectives of alkaline water filters is to increase the pH levels of your water and make it more alkaline. This output will help your body neutralize the acidic components that we tend to accumulate from our daily diets. Although, our stomach’s pH level is acidic, drinking the alkaline water produced by the filters will create hydrochloric acid that will assist in the neutralization of the excess acids in your body.
  • Additional Minerals – another advantage of using alkaline water filters is it adds some minerals to the water you drink. Correct, it doesn’t just remove the bad ones but also enhances your drinking water’s mineral content. Examples of these positive elements are calcium and magnesium.
  • It improves cardiorespiratory capacity – unknown to a lot. Alkaline water filters also can promote hydrogen ions protecting the size of your body during high-intensity physical activities. It is where the ever-portable alkaline water filter bottles come into play.
  • Simplicity and cost-effectiveness – alkaline water filters are not cheap, but they don’t make the slightest dent in the budget. Aside from that, it has been an investment for a good number of years, with just the actual filter needing regular replacement. Using these filters is also simple and user-friendly.

One disadvantage of alkaline water filters is you must be very conscious of when the screen needs replacing. There are frequent recommendations for filter replacement for a type and brand. Still, again, depending on the quality of your water source, there might be a need to replace it sooner.

Buying Guide


If you are finally taking a stand and would like to take advantage and enjoy the many benefits of alkaline water filters, then make sure that you don’t fall for the bandwagon models and types. It is essential to put a lot of thought into the product that you will purchase because you will personally be reaping the good and the bad of it. Here are some recommendations before you finally seal the deal.

  • Filter type – this is the heart of your system, so you must make sure that your filter is of top caliber. Some water alkaline filters would only have a single filter system, while others can have dual ones. It is a highly recommended option for a filter system with two screens to ensure that all unwanted contaminants are sieved and removed even before it flows to your glass. Single filter systems are alright if you know that your water source is overall clean, but just to be safe, go for the dual ones. Aside from the filter type, consider as well the cost of the filter replacement. Note that this is the part that needs to be closely monitored and replaced. Make sure you have readily available suppliers or resources to purchase the filter unique to your filtration system.
  • pH range – the main reason why you’d want an alkaline water filter is to have access to alkaline water, so make sure that your top picks can deliver this goal. Look for a filtration system that has a pH range between 4 and 11. If it is not within this range, then it is best to keep on looking.
  • Overall required maintenance – an alkaline water filtration system is a long-term commitment. It is not something that you dispose of after a day or a week. If you stop using your system in a week or months, you probably made the wrong choice in picking your alkaline water filter. Consider the maintenance required to ensure your filter system’s longevity. Consider the responsibilities that you’d have to undertake regularly just to ensure that it will always be in tip-top shape to give you your healthy and better-tasting alkaline water.
  • Lifestyle and household – with several types of alkaline water filters to choose from, it is best to get one to suit your needs and lifestyle. Do you need easy access to alkaline water at your beck? Then perhaps the bottle type is most suitable for you as you can have it with you all the time. If you want alkaline water to be the primary water to use at home, then consider the filters that connect straight to the tap and get the fridge. Every member of your household would have the freedom just to drink alkaline water when they want to.
  • Read Reviews – online feedback and star ratings are proving to be helpful for shoppers. Unbiased and honest experiences serve to entice or warn buyers based on personal experiences. It would be smart and practical to browse some reviews and come up with your top picks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does alkaline water last?

Commercially available bottled alkaline water, even budget ones, can last two years without any change in pH levels. But you must store unused and unopened bottled alkaline water at 50-70℉s and away from toxic substances, acidic items, and direct sunlight.

On the other hand, home-ionized water stored in alkaline water jugs can retain its properties for one to two weeks. But you should finish water from a jug dispenser filter within the first few days to enjoy the most benefits.

As far as alkaline water’s antioxidant properties are concerned, they have a shorter lifespan. Water from your reverse osmosis system with an alkalizer unit can lose its antioxidant effects after 18 to 24 hours.

Meanwhile, newer generations of pH water purifier machines provide maximum benefit within the first half to one hour.

How do I start drinking alkaline water?

Switching from ordinary drinking water to alkaline water requires gradual acclimatization. It does not matter if you have a Kangen water ionizer for the most suitable price. It is crucial to prepare your body to accommodate water with a higher pH.

The above recommendation is because the body has homeostatic mechanisms, allowing it to balance everything. Ditching ordinary water for alkaline water from an under counter water ionizer overnight can prompt your body to neutralize the water and return the pH level to normal.

Hence, start by drinking one to three glasses of alkaline water daily for one month. This step allows the body to become familiar with the increased pH. You might notice detox effects during this stage, indicating that the pH filter water is working.

Beginning in the fifth week, you can increase your alkaline water consumption by another glass or two. You can use a refillable water bottle for this step. A portable water ionizer can also help as your body is now more acclimatized to the higher pH level. Continue doing this for the entire second month.

You should be ready for a full alkaline water diet in the ninth week.

What happens when you drink alkaline water for a month?

As you can only drink one to two glasses of high pH medical grade water daily within the first month, you likely will not produce any noticeable effects. This is because the body will try to reestablish pH balance (i.e., neutralize the alkaline water to return the pH to 7.35-7.45).

On the other hand, drinking too much alkaline water daily for a month might overwhelm the body’s homeostatic (a.k.a. “balance”) mechanisms. The body will try to compensate by producing more digestive enzymes and gastric juices. Some folks do not like paying this cost.

However, with due time, drinking alkaline water at the recommended amounts can improve overall hydration because of alkaline water’s microscopic clustering of hydrogen molecules. Some of my friends have even stated they could notice antioxidant effects within a month.

What are the most trusted alkaline water filter brands?

A few of the most reputable brands in alkaline water filters are Apex, Express Water, and Hskyhan. They are some of the most trusted, along with the rest reviewed earlier. These brands are top-rated by users who are looking for quality and long-lasting performance. If you want a durable and dependable filter, you should not miss but get started in the selection process in these brands.

Is it safe to drink alkaline water daily?

It is generally safe to drink alkaline water daily because it has natural minerals that will benefit the body. However, you must make sure that you’re selecting the right brand and model that suits your needs. You must also check for the number of filtration stages to ensure you’re not just getting alkaline water but also one with reduced contaminants. Get started in the selection using the reviews earlier.

Which is better alkaline or RO water?

Alkaline water can help neutralize the body’s acidity. This acidity is due to air pollution, diet, and stress. With a higher pH level in the body, you can reduce your need for cholesterol and fat. The hydroxyl ions are natural antioxidants. They can help neutralize the free radicals in the body. Alkaline water can also improve your body’s ability to absorb the essential nutrients from food. It can also improve the body’s ability to clean the cells.

On the other hand, RO water is water with reduced toxins. Some RO systems can remove 97 percent of contaminants from tap water. In some cases, other systems can get rid of up to 99.9%. However, the RO system can also remove the minerals in the water.

But then, you can also find RO systems that come with alkaline mineral cartridges. These are excellent options because they can offer clean and pH-balanced alkaline water for your home.

So, after water is treated, water goes through a post-treatment cartridge that will remineralize and alkalize the water. In this case, the water that goes through your home has a higher pH level and magnesium and calcium.

How to care & clean?

For specific cleaning and maintenance instructions, you can check out the user manual that comes with the alkaline water filter you bought. Check and follow it carefully to ensure you’re doing it correctly.

Where to buy?

Buying an alkaline water filter shouldn’t be hard because they’re in many places. A few include Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, and Amazon. You can also find them on eBay, listing sites, and manufacturer websites. But before buying yours, make sure to compare your options well by considering what you need, including the capacity, quality, durability, and price of the item.


What’s the best alkaline water filter? By now, you probably have the idea of the great features of a high-quality water filter that can add minerals to the water while also getting rid of contaminants. Be sure to weigh your options well by comparing the different features that this type of filter should have. Also, it will be better to pick among the highly-rated products with the elements to find when looking for one. Using this buying guide, you can make a decision that will give you satisfaction later. Buy your alkaline water filter today!

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