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The Best Magnetic Water Softeners for 2023

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

Magnetic water softener systems are an excellent alternative to salt-based systems. They are eco- and pocket-friendly. However, the market is saturated with plenty of choices and different brands, so it can be tedious to select one without knowing what to expect. If you’re looking for the best magnetic water softener, you’ve come to the right buying guide.

best magnetic water softener

Magnetic water softeners or conditioners can be cost-effective solutions to preventing and removing limescale buildup. Bringing home the most trusted magnetic water descaler is only possible if you consider these three following factors.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Magnetic water conditioners might not use salt, but they use electricity. Therefore, you might want to pick a magnetic water descaler with proven water-conditioning performance without consuming too much electricity.
  • Pipe Compatibility: As a rule, buyers should check their existing water pipes and compare them with the magnetic descaler’s material compatibility. For instance, a magnetic water softener that works with PEX, galvanized iron, PVC, and copper is best.
  • Installation Requirements: Most magnetic water conditioners are straightforward to set up, requiring only the winding of the electromagnetic wires around a water pipe following the water’s direction. However, some brands might have confusing installation instructions. Hence, comprehensive customer guidance is crucial.

It will highlight the top picks on the market and their advantages/disadvantages. It will also discuss things to check when comparing your choices. Later, we do hope that you can select the right magnetic water softener for your needs. If you’re ready, let’s get started with the following magnetic water softener systems reviews.

Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

Trillium Worldwide TWI-5001


Editor’s Pick

Magnetic Water Technology S-10200


Honorable Mention

Magnetic Water Technology Water Softener


Table of Contents

Top 5 Magnetic Water Softener Reviews

1. Trillium Worldwide TWI-5001 Mineral Magnet II

The Smarthome Technologies Trillium Worldwide TWI-5001 Mineral Magnet II is one of the in-demand water conditioners in various shops due to its benefits. It works well in most water systems found in small homes, apartments, and mobile homes.

I like this item because it can polarize mineral salts and lessen calcium, which creates build-up in pipes after a long time. That means it can save users the cost of fixing a future water flow problem.

This Mineral Magnet II is no doubt an efficient tool for softening hard water at home. Once applied to the water system, occupants can enjoy the benefits of softer water. Primarily, it can make human skin and hair smoother.

No more tedious waiting for water to get hot because of element build-up. It also has an advantage over home appliances such as removing water impurities that can cause unwanted stains, which are so difficult to get rid of.

Moreover, the installation process for this electronic water softener is not time-consuming. No complicated tools and professional plumber fees are required, as it takes only less than 5 minutes to mount this in a water system. Further, the magnets have a fastener, so it is easy to attach even to a shower hose. The softener is also small and light, so it is easily transported from one place to another.

On the disadvantages of magnetic water, there is a limitation in installing this device. It should only be mounted on a 1.5-inch pipe that holds incoming freshwater. It might not fit on bigger pipes and larger water systems.

Nevertheless, it is a good water softener to connect to an average-sized system. Rest assured that it will give your family good performance at an affordable price.
What We Like
  • Excellent salt polarization and calcium reduction
  • Helps smooth skin and hair, good for household appliances
  • Hassle-free installation, magnets have a fastener
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Cost-saving (no need to hire plumbers)
What We Don’t Like
  • Can be installed on limited pipe size only

2. Magnetic Water Technology S-10200 Water Conditioner

Every household needs an efficient electromagnetic water conditioner that can improve the quality of its water. One of the top-tier devices available on the market now is the magnetic water conditioner made by Magnetic Water Technology. Why deprive yourself of an excellent water supply if this equipment is easy to find and won’t hurt your budget?

You might have read about this unit in the best magnetic water softener review. This magnetic water conditioner is not as pricey as the other branded products, but rest assured that its quality is similarly competitive.

It can be one of the most significant additions to your water treatment technology. It can be installed in less than 5 minutes. Just imagine how convenient it is to set up. There is no need for complicated tools, plus anyone can install them if they can follow the incorporated manuals.

Many plumbers recommend this magnetic water conditioner. Although it is smaller than other water treatment devices, it is one of the top-sellers due to its advantages. This newest hydro-magnetic technology is suitable for houses, apartments, RVs, and studio rooms with limited spaces because it is not heavy and bulky. Further, the user can bring it from one place to another with no hassle at all.

I also love this water conditioner; because it is energy-saving, no electricity is needed to operate it. Anyone can enjoy the benefits of softening water by enhancing its molecular structure. Aside from the good results that treated water can bring to human skin and hair, it also avoids the build-up of unwanted elements in appliances and plumbing pipes.

On the downside, this water conditioner may not be a perfect match for those who have big houses with an extensive water treatment system. However, it is highly reliable for minimalists and those looking for a small water conditioner that comes at a reasonable cost.
What We Like
  • Budget-friendly and economical choice
  • Portable to fit small spaces, easy to carry
  • An easy installation process that anyone can handle
  • . Treated water is good for skin, hair, and pipes
  • Powered by nature with the newest hydro-magnetic technology
What We Don’t Like
  • Doesn’t suit big houses with extensive water treatment systems

3. Magnetic Water Technology Large COMBO Water Softener

If you want to get productive in keeping your water at home clean and pipes-friendly as well, look at this Large COMBO version Magnetic Water Softener. It is one of the most trusted choices when it comes to efficiently maintaining water quality in many houses and mobile homes.

What makes this product stand out among other electromagnetic softeners is that it addresses two problems in one device. Shoppers will be happy to know that they are buying a set of two units already with a single purchase. And with a lesser amount of money, it can already serve the entire family by managing the water, whether in hot or cold temperatures.

Most people can relate to how nice it is when the water they bathe or wash with has no impurities. This Large COMBO version Magnetic Water Softener is most famous in magnetic water treatment reviews because it is highly effective in mitigating calcium and other minerals, which usually mix in with water and cause hard residues in pipes.

Some may think that this type of water softener is difficult to install but surprisingly not. The user needs no professional installer and tools to put it in a water treatment system. In less than two minutes, anyone can easily install it. Aside from that, it has the new hydro-magnetic technology, which is now the trend in water treatment.

Aside from the quick installation process, this water softener will also save the installer money and energy. No salt and electricity is required to operate this device, unlike other gadgets.

On the poor side, some consumer reports said that this item is not as useful as expected. It takes a long time before you see an actual improvement in the treated water. But overall, this magnetic water softener will work properly, especially if installed according to the specified instructions.
What We Like
  • Economical (2 units in 1 purchase)
  • Can treat both hot and cold water
  • Effective in reducing calcium and other minerals
  • Quick and easy installation in minutes (no professional or tool needed)
  • Has the trendy hydro-magnetic technology
  • No salt and electricity needed to operate
What We Don’t Like
  • Long time to see the results

4. Magnetic Water Technology Softener & Conditioner

If you dream of a whole house magnetic water softener, then make your dreams come true by taking home this electronic water softener by Magnetic Water Technology. This item will not disappoint when reducing water impurities such as calcium, minerals, and even limescale.

The top-selling point of this item is the quality of its magnet. This water softener boasts the US-made Neodymium Magnets, which are promised to be very powerful and more massive than other competitors. That is why most handymen and plumbers recommend this item for completing a water system in small residential houses, motor homes, and apartments.

To make it more effective, this Magnetic Water Softener & Conditioner has a 360-degree magnetic field surrounded by its core. Hence, you can achieve the best performance in softening challenging waters.

Aside from that, it is fast and easy to install. There is no need for a plumber and tools to mount it. Therefore, in less than a few minutes, users can already enjoy smooth water quality, is healthy for the skin and hair. Further, it may also result in non-stain water pipes and toilet sinks as no more water deposits will be mixed in the water.

According to magnetic water conditioner reviews, another fantastic attribute of this item is that it uses no electricity. Hence, it is environmentally friendly and saves the user cost of monthly bills of electricity. It also does not require salt, unlike other water softeners. Moreover, this item is versatile as it can match various pipes with different sizes and materials.

However, some reported that they had seen little difference in their water quality even after a month of installing this item. It takes quite some time to see results. Nevertheless, this water softener is still a quality magnetic water descaler if you are looking for one with high powered magnets.
What We Like
  • US Neodymium Magnets which are bigger than competitors’
  • Suitable for apartments, houses, and motor homes
  • 360-degree magnetic field, reduces calcium, minerals, limescale
  • Fast and hassle-free to install, fit various pipe sizes and materials
  • Eco-friendly as no electricity is needed
  • No salt required to use it
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes a while to be effective

5. Magnetic Water Technology Magnetic Water Softener

One of the most outstanding water softeners nowadays is the Farm and Ranch Magnetic Water Softener. It is perfect for large commercial and residential areas with a bigger water system that needs more softened water to utilize.

This single bar water softener is simpler to carry and install than a set of two water conditioners. It boasts a robust magnetic effect, which is reported to be four times better than other premium units. One of the contributing factors to its efficiency is its durable neodymium magnets. These won’t easily break because they are made of hardened steel, which has ultimate potency.

Indeed, this magnetic water softener will improve water quality by removing all the unwanted minerals such as calcium and manganese. Without these elements, hard water becomes soft and smooth, which benefits the skin.

Another advantage of this Magnetic Water Softener is that it saves workers or house occupants from the difficulty of cleaning kitchen and toilet sinks. Most of the appliances and dining ware will then stay white since soft water has no impurities that bring stains. No more stress caused by mineral build-ups in clogged pipes.

The installation process for this DIY magnetic water softener is also a breeze. The installer needs no tools and plumber fees because it only takes 2 minutes to strap this to the water inlet.

It may take longer than expected before a difference in the texture of water becomes noticeable. But with the right amount of patience, the Farm and Ranch Magnetic Water Softener are worth spending money for. Many plumbers will like this water softener, especially for commercial places due to its high efficiency.
What We Like
  • Suitable for large commercial and residential areas
  • Quick and easy to mount even for beginners (2 minutes)
  • Highly effective in removing bad water elements
  • Keeps appliances clean and prevents clogged pipes
  • Durable neodymium magnets four times better than other units
What We Don’t Like
  • Takes a long time for results to appear

Buying Guide


A magnetic water softener or otherwise known as a descaler, like a Tormek magnetic water conditioner, is a device wrapped around an incoming water pipe and is plugged into an outlet. This setup will create a magnetic force field that will alter the water’s electromagnetic components so that the water’s hardening properties will repel each other and not stick to the pipes.

Although still unverified, this magnetic water technology is still one of the better non-chemical and salt-free alternatives in treating water. Existing users are happy with their descalers because of their effectiveness and immediate effect on water.

Buying your magnetic water treatment devices can be intimidating. You are not alone, and it’s a familiar feeling, especially if you are just new to technology. To make your decision-making better, the following factors can help you make a smart purchase.

Ease of Installation and Use – almost all magnetic water conditioning is considered easy and fast to install. If you don’t want a professional plumber to do the work for you, you must get a system whose installation instructions are simple and easy to comprehend. You must look for a brand that you can easily attach to any plumbing system.

It would be recommended to opt for a brand that provides extended support and consumer guidance should you need it instead of relying on online resources and YouTube tutorials. Check the feedback and reviews of consumers so you can have an idea about the products’ installation and whether the process is as seamless as the manufacturer claims.

Pipe Materials – aside from successfully setting it up the water conditioner, you must consider your current plumbing system’s materials. It should be the magnetic water conditioner that adjusts to your system and not the other way around.

It would be best to purchase a magnetic descaler that is compatible with any plumbing. Look for an all-around water descaler that can work with copper, PVC, galvanized pipe, PEX, and other materials. Should any pipes need to be replaced in the future, you can still use your magnetic descaler.

Cost-Effectiveness – a magnetic water filter requires very minimal operational and maintenance costs. But should there be any repairs, what will the potential costs entail? You must have a good idea about this, so repair costs won’t come in as an alarming surprise.

Furthermore, look for a magnetic descaler that is low in energy consumption. You might have saved on buying the device, but you might get doubled electrical charges. There are magnetic water descalers that only cost you as low as $4 annually, an amount that you’d hardly notice.

Household Population – consider your unique household and decide if the water descaler can keep up with your water use demands. Note that the more household members you have, the more water you use, and more magnetic descalers would be required to be efficient.

You must make sure that you have enough water descalers and be ready to compromise if you need to install more than two. If there are too many of you, also consider if descalers are still the most suitable option for you. Make sure that you buy an appropriately sized system for your home.

Water Hardness Level – you must understand that water descalers may not treat your water if the hardness level is too much. If it exceeds 25 grains per gallon, you are better off with another water treatment form.

It is advisable to check the status of your water hardness with your local water district, so you’ll know if this is the top-tier option for you. What’s better is to have your water tested. If your water hardness level is below 25 gpg, then reanalyze and identify how many descalers need to be installed.

Quality and Pricing – with so many brands out there, each promising to be the best among all the magnetic water descalers, be a practical and smart shopper and create a list of all your prospective choices. Then, weigh the pros and cons and identify if you are willing to compromise on a brand’s drawbacks. You also must check the quality of the material used in the descaler.

Look for and purchase one that can last you a very long time to get the most out of your investment. Quality usually comes with a price, but you don’t always need to get the most expensive ones. You must determine the features of the product and what you’re willing to compromise on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do magnetic water softeners really work?

A magnetic water softener and filter system is a polarizing technology among homeowners and water treatment experts. There are tests indicating a magnetic filter for water hardness does not work.

Meanwhile, manufacturers and numerous users attest to the system’s water conditioning abilities. The high ratings of water softeners are clear proof of this. For example, a China water magnetic filter–the iSpring ED2000—is well-praised for its ability to induce calcium carbonate precipitation to prevent limescale buildup.

Proponents say magnetic water descalers produce a magnetic field that causes hard minerals to change their structure, resulting in crystallization. These crystals travel in the water without adhering to the inside walls of water pipes.

Although it is plausible that calcium carbonate molecules can crystallize when magnetized, no conclusive proof is available.

In short, ion exchange systems remain the most efficient technology to “soften” water. Even the most suitable type of magnetic water conditioner may not be able to match a water softener’s hard water mineral-removing capabilities.

If you want to make your water right (i.e., soft water), a water softener is best for the money.

Still, we can remain optimistic that a magnetic water conditioner can find the proof it needs to show its effectiveness.

How long do magnetic water filters last?

The highest rated magnetic water filters can last up to four decades, beating conventional salt-based water softeners by 20 to 25 years. It is one of the reasons magnetic water filters are recommended for budget-conscious homeowners.

Comparisons among magnetic water descaler brands should help you determine which product lasts the longest and has the shortest lifespan. For example, you could research the longevity of an Aqua-Flo magnetic water conditioner and compare it to a Cygna version.

How often should a magnetic water softener be cleaned?

A magnetic water softener does not require any cleaning because it has a very simple design. A typical wall mounted magnetic water descaler features a control unit housing the magnet and electromagnetic coils that wrap around water pipes. It has no tanks, filters, resin beads, injector rods, or drain lines to worry about.

That said, you can periodically clean the device’s casing, removing dust and particles that might accumulate on the surface. Other than that, no other form of maintenance is needed.


When buying a product whose function is critical because it involves the water you ingest, you must take your time. Do not rush into buying or join the bandwagon.

It is a great strategy to invest in knowledge first and know what you can learn from all the product reviews and item descriptions so when you purchase, you are sure that the product will suit your unique needs and even exceed expectations.

We’re hoping that this guide has helped you compare the different options available on the market. Be sure to study them well and check out their pros and cons before buying one. Buy the best magnetic water softener today!

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