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The Best Water Filter Straws for Survival & Other Adventures

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

best water filter straw

Using the best water filter straw is beneficial if you love the backcountry and activities such as hiking, trekking, and camping. It is what you need for clean drinking water free of contaminants, sediments, and waterborne protozoans and bacteria, too.

However, it is confusing to find the right one because many of these filter straws are on the market. Each of them has unique features and qualities that make them special. It is why you should take effort and time in comparing your filter straw options and factors, including a filtration system, speed, and capacity, to name some. Before we start, let’s go over some principal features you should never overlook when browsing for these products.

  • Contaminants Removed: Water filters make water safe to drink by reducing impurities or contaminants. Some products offer a 99% reduction, while others are more generous in their water contaminant-reduction performance (i.e., 99.999999% contaminant elimination).
  • Filter Capacity: Some water filter straws can only accommodate a few hundred gallons of water before you need to discard or replace the filter cartridge. A few products offer at least 100,000 gallons of filtration capacity, making them the most practical solutions for emergency preppers, backpackers, and campers.
  • Certification: The top-tier water filter straw must be certified by a reputable organization, such as the Water Quality Association (WQA) or National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Alternatively, testing and validation by a trustworthy third-party laboratory will suffice.

Refer to the following for reviews of highly-rated straw filters and things to check before buying one.

Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

LifeStraw Water Filter


Editor’s Pick

Sawyer Water Filtration System


Compact & Mighty

Etekcity Water Filter Straw


Table of Contents

Top-Quality Water Filter Straw Reviews

1. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

If you sincerely love the outdoors, you got to get yourself a LifeStraw personal water filter. It is essential for camping, traveling, hiking, and prepping for emergencies and survival. This handy device works as expected. It is simple and straightforward and can be a lifesaver in a situation where you cannot access clean water, like when outdoors.

With it, you can drink water in the swamp, lake, or pond. By choosing this device, you are always ready together with your backpack containing the essentials for living. The survival straw is a top-rated choice among backpackers and people that want to stay prepared for any unwanted events or catastrophes.

The survival gear sells big time, and for evident reasons. It is what can make your disaster kit complete. You should not go without it. As you know, water is essential for survival. Without it, we’re not going to last long. However, it must be cleaned and safe for drinking. It is why you need a filter straw like this LifeStraw. It is a must-have for anyone that wants to get ready for any unwanted situation.

I liked that it can filter 1000 gallons of water. You don’t need to bring a large purifier or iodine tablets too. This small filter can do the filtration for you. It has no moving parts, so it is durable, too. I liked that it also doesn’t require batteries to operate. That is a specific survival feature.

One minor downside to this LifeStraw is that it comes with flimsy plastic clips, which can be a problem for some. But if you’d check the filtration ability of this small device, you will be amazed. It has a high capacity to filter up to 4000 liters of contaminated water. There is nothing quite like it.
What We Like
  • Ideal for preparedness and survival
  • Can filter up to 4000 liters of water
  • Can remove up to 99.9% of waterborne contaminants
  • Removes contaminants without large purifiers or iodine tablets
  • Easy to use and draw water in
What We Don’t Like
  • Flimsy plastic clips

2. Sawyer Products MINI Water Filtration System

Next to LifeStraw, Sawyer Products is a personal favorite because it keeps up with the demands and expectations of consumers with handy and highly-innovative products. This Sawyer mini water filter is one of the ideal choices for people that love the outdoors like me. Whenever I go hunting or hiking, I use to bring a filter straw to prepare for the unexpected. We don’t know what waits for us out there. And of course, a clean water source is not always available. Even if we could find a pond or lake to drink water from, it is not recommended.

We need to use a filter straw like this one to ensure that waterborne contaminants, including bacteria and protozoans, are out. If not, we might suffer from stomach problems and other digestion-related diseases. It should not happen, especially since we might sometimes go backpacking alone or the roads to our homes or the nearest hospitals are hours away. That is why we need a Sawyer Products filter. It is a handy device that works on-demand, allowing us to drink water from a natural source like a pond or a lake.

This Sawyer MINI Water Filter is one of the most compact and lightweight around. You can take it in one of the pockets of your backpack. The filtration system is not a hassle at all to carry. I also noticed that it is compact and has a sleek design, something perfect for taking anywhere we are. We don’t need to bring a large purifier at all. Just this filter straw keeps us hydrated by filtering the available water.

I also liked its design in that you can attach it to the drinking pouch. If you wish to, you can also connect it to a water bottle or a hydration pack. And using the drinking straw, you can drink from the water source directly.

However, there were isolated reports that it could be hard to draw water from the straw. But then, these reports were not the majority reviews. Many people were satisfied using it. I am, too.
What We Like
  • Can remove 99.9% salmonella, E. coli, and cholera
  • Perfect for backcountry
  • High-capacity 100,000 gallons
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Certified by the authorities
What We Don’t Like
  • Might be quite hard to draw water from it

3. Etekcity Water Filter Straw

The water-purifying straw is another consideration when preparing a survival kit. Yours will not be complete without a filter straw like it. This filter can get you ready for any situation or emergency. You should have it with you, along with your bug-out bag. You should also have this straw if you love the backcountry, traveling, or hiking. It is also handy during catastrophes, including a hurricane, an earthquake, or a fire.

This filter straw is also tested for safety. I liked that the manufacturer paid attention into the quality and efficiency of this product. The mini filter is certified and tested by the authorities. Plus, it meets the quality standards of the EPA. In terms of the pouch, it is compliant with the FDA, ensuring not just safety but also quality. By choosing it, you can have peace of mind that you’re buying a quality straw that won’t waste your money.

When it comes to the design, the ETEKCITY straw is one of the best I found. It comes with a pre-filter that works to filter or block large contaminants. Then, there is this ion exchange resin that can remove the heavy metal ions and chlorine from the water. This feature is innovative because some straw filters cannot be used in chlorine-treated water. Thus, this straw can significantly improve the taste of the water, too.

The filter straw can also get rid of the nasty odors because it comes with activated carbon, improving the overall smell of the water. Plus, it comes with a beneficial hollow fiber of 0.01 Mm that can remove up to 99.9% of waterborne pollutants.

However, it might be hard to draw water from the straw, though. But overall, if you want to ensure effective filtration, you should check out the survival water filtration straw. It can filter out 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms. It is also handy, compact, and sleek for extreme portability.
What We Like
  • Filters 99.9% of waterborne microorganisms
  • Can improve the taste, odor, and appearance of water
  • Ideal for all situations
  • Meets EPA and authority standards
  • Compact and handy
What We Don’t Like
  • Can be hard to draw water through it

4. Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter Straw

Of the many straws that purify water, few can match the Survivor Filter Personal Water Filter Straw. It has a striking design and an impressive water filtration performance sufficient to impress even a skeptic.

The single most significant advantage of this water filter straw over LifeStraw is its mind-boggling 26,417-gallon filtration capacity. Many other brands can only accommodate a thousand gallons before requiring a membrane microfilter replacement. I could stay outdoors for years and never worry about drinking unsafe water again.

Although this water filter straw’s microbial removal rate cannot match LifeStraw’s 99.999999%, its 99.999% ability is still better than the Survival Spring’s 99%. Campers, emergency preppers, backpackers, and hikers will never worry about water-borne diseases because this straw can filter viruses, parasites, and bacteria.

Surprisingly, this product has a three-stage filtration technology. A mesh cotton pre-filter removes solid particulates, while the carbon filter improves taste and reduces common water impurities.

The product’s ultrafiltration membrane, with a 0.05-micron pore size, takes care of the microorganisms, organic compounds, and other harmful substances.

I like this water filter straw’s design, inspired by the tools and gears of the modern military. If anything, it looks more like a military gadget than a survival tool for thirsty adventurers.

Plus, the material is similar to what manufacturers used in fabricating Apollo astronauts’ visors – a polycarbonate shell, which is incredibly tough and resistant to impact. I’ve dropped the straw a few times, and it still works splendidly.

I appreciate this water filter straw’s registration with the Environmental Protection Agency. However, I would be happier if it had NSF or WQA certification to support its claims. On the bright side, it has US Lab-verified test results.

Still, I have no serious concerns about this nifty water filter straw to drink dirty water anywhere. Adventurers have another worthy LifeStraw alternative in this product. And I would definitely get one for my next mountain adventure.
What We Like
  • 999% microbial removal capabilities
  • 26,417-gallon filtration capacity
  • Advanced triple filtration design
  • Military-grade ruggedness thanks to the polycarbonate shell
  • EPA-registered
What We Don’t Like
  • No NSF certification, only US Labs validation

6. NatureNova Personal Water Filter Straw

Many so-called “clean water straws” litter the market, offering outlandish claims of near-perfect water contaminant removal. Although NatureNova’s assertions might seem unfounded, the immense satisfaction from its customers proves otherwise.

This filter straw removes up to 99.9999% of water contaminants, 0.0001% more than the Survivor. It rids the water of harmful pollutants, microorganisms, sediments, heavy metals, and organic compounds, and it improves the water’s taste and odor. Drinking from a puddle should be similar to enjoying a glass of water.

Another advantage of this water filter straw over the Survivor is its four-step filtration process, which beats LifeStraw’s single membrane microfilter.

At the core of its design is a 0.01-micron hollow-fiber ultrafiltration membrane that guarantees effective microbial elimination. It also has active absorption beads, an antibacterial-treated carbon filter, and a medical-grade polypropylene cotton mesh. There is no way contaminants will enter the body as campers drink through the straw.

Backpackers, trekkers, anglers, mountaineers, and emergency preppers have several options for drinking safe and refreshing water with this device. They can connect it to a collapsible water pouch, attach a water tube, or mount a water bottle.

The water filter straw might not look as impressive as Survivor, but it’s incredibly affordable. For about two-thirds of the Survivor’s price tag, adventurers will already have two NatureNova water filter straws. That is an exceptional value.

Another feature I like about this water filter straw is its 550mL/minute flow rate. It is the perfect system for quenching thirst when trekkers are pressed for time.

Although I love this water filter straw, its 396-gallon filtration capacity leaves a lot to be desired. Still, it is better than the Drinksafe WaterStraw’s 185-gallon capacity.

This water filter straw makes its case for the top-quality LifeStraw alternatives, weighed only by its mediocre filtration capacity. Nevertheless, water contaminant removal performance is within the range of high-end units.

What We Like
  • 9999% water contaminant removal rate
  • Four-step filtration technology
  • Multiple methods of use
  • 01-micron filter pore size
  • Fast 550mL/min flow rate
  • Good value for money compared to similar products
What We Don’t Like
  • Short filter lifespan

6. SUPOLOGY Emergency Survival Gear Kits

This SUPOLOGY kit is more than just a filter straw. It is a fantastic buy that includes most of the necessary tactical and outdoor tools we would need. Just consider this. It comes with tools great for camping, climbing, and hiking. Examples of these things are a tactical pen, fire starter, flashlight, and water filter. It is a one-time purchase that gives you so much value of your spending.

I liked that this kit is of professional quality. You can use it not only an outdoor life but also for preparedness. Many people who are looking to prepare for survival or disaster should consider this kit. That comes with not only those mentioned earlier but also a wire saw, a portable backpack, and an army knife. These tactical tools can make survival more possible in addition to your courage and skills.

The filter straw that comes with this kit is with an efficient filtration membrane that can get rid of 99.9% of contaminants. With it, you can be confident that you will get clean water anywhere you are. You can draw water straight from a lake or stream. Thus, you can make sure that the water you’re drinking is free and safe from contaminants.

I also liked that the filter can remove most of the harmful substances from the water, even the smallest particles. It is rated to filter down to particles with 0.01 microns. Plus, it has an excellent capacity to filter up to 396 gallons of safe water. Also, it can be used outdoors and at home.

Also, the straw is lightweight, handy, and portable. You can take it anywhere you need a straw filter. The good thing is that this kit also comes with a drawstring bag, which you can quickly bring anywhere.

However, this item is not for those looking for just a filter straw. It is a complete kit that comes with most of the tactical tools, including a wire, saw, an army knife, and a tactical pen, to name some. So, if you’re a beginner in survival preparedness, I would like to recommend this item to you.
What We Like
  • 23-in-1 tactical tools
  • Ideal as a gift
  • Quality and professional survival kit
  • Comes with a drawstring bag for convenience
  • Ideal for adventures, backpacking, and survival
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for those looking for just a filter straw

7. FS-TFC Portable Mini Personal Water Filter

When reading survival straw reviews, you might have bumped into this purifier straw from FS-TFC. There is no doubt about that, though because it is one of the most powerful filters in the category.

When it comes to outdoor survival gear, you should check out this purifier straw because it works efficiently to improve the overall odor, taste, and quality of the water. So, whenever you are stuck in the wild and run out of clean water supply, you should not worry. You have a reliable filter that works precisely the way you want it.

I liked that the survival gear straw is compact and sleek. It is not hard to store at all. This item will not also add much weight to what you are carrying because it is lightweight. The Outdoor Survival Gear is excellent for many purposes and activities. You will love to bring something like it in camping, hiking, and scouting. If you’re also into survival and tactical operations, you must also consider this one.

The emergency preparedness straw is a filter that works well in removing the solid particles and sediments in the water. It can also reduce the harmful substances in the water to ensure clean and safe drinking water.

This item is also with triple filtration. It also works in helping you have safe water, even in extreme environments. Also, the filter straw has a high capacity. It can be used in up to 1000 gallons of water.

However, the purifying drinking straw might not be the most heavy-duty around. Overall, I liked its performance in filtering out most contaminants in the water. It is also with certified and proven materials.
What We Like
  • Certified and tested standard materials
  • Efficiency in delivering expectations
  • Can remove solid and small particles
  • 1-micron membrane filter
  • 1000-gallon capacity
What We Don’t Like
  • Might not be the most heavy-duty around

8. Membrane Solutions Straw Water Filter

Membrane Solutions is another top consideration for trusted brands in portable and personal water filters. One of their finest offerings so far is this straw filter. There is no doubt about it because it is reliable and efficient. You can count on it if you love backpacking and outdoor activities. You might also want to check it out if you are preparing for emergencies.

The survival gear is essential for your emergency kit. You can check it out if you also want a filter straw for fishing, hunting, or family outings. One of the things that make it unique is its long lifespan. You can clean it easily in addition to its quick disassembly. Being easy to clean, the filter straw can offer a long service life.

Also, I liked that it can be used for a wide range of applications. It is small and portable, so it can be ideal for hiking, scouting, and traveling. More so, this item with advanced technology is designed with four filtration stages to ensure efficiency. This model can help in removing most particles and sediments in the water. It is also engineered to remove 99.9% of harmful contaminants in the water. With it, you can drink safe and clean water even in the most unforgiving environments.

The straw is also portable. It has a small size of only 1.1-inch diameter and 6.7 inches long. You can fit it anywhere, even in your pocket. It is also handy to fit in a small purse or survival pack. It can also block contaminants with 0.1 microns. It can filter even tiny particles.

However, it can be hard to clean, according to some users. But overall, there is nothing quite like it for filtration because it can filter out tiny contaminants. It can filter up to 0.1 microns in size versus those with a rating of 0.2 microns. It is also small to fit in a pocket, a purse, or a survival pack.
What We Like
  • 1-micron rating
  • Easy to use
  • Standard and quality materials
  • Can supply you with clean and safe drinking water
  • Ideal for many applications and backpacking
What We Don’t Like
  • Can be challenging to clean

9. SimPure Water Filter Straw

If you’re looking for filter straws for drinking water, you should check out this SIMPURE straw. The survival filter straw is efficient because it has a 0.1-micron rating, meaning filtering out even the smallest particles and contaminants. I also liked that it offers an innovative five-stage filtration that can ensure quality results. With this feature, you can rely on the filtration system’s ability to improve overall water safety and quality. So, anywhere you are, you can drink safe and clean water to prevent diseases.

I also liked the versatility of this item. It can be used for many outdoor activities, including climbing, trekking, and hiking. You can also use it for family outings and traveling. You can also use it at home and any other places where you want to filter water and make it clean.

For filter straws, this one never fails to impress. One of its top-tier qualities is its ability to filter effectively. This model is engineered with different filters, including a joint preset filter system and a GAC filter. I would also like to recommend this item that can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants from the water, and these include bacteria, chlorine, and volatile chemicals. It can also remove microplastics and more harmful chemicals. Also, this straw filter is made of food-grade materials, which are FDA-certified. I also liked that it is made with BPA-free materials to ensure safety. Can filter up to 1000 liters of water

However, quality control issues were reported. Even so, those were not the majority reviews. Many are satisfied with this filter straw that can get rid of parasites, bacteria, and other contaminants in the water. It is also made with BPA-free ABS and FDA-certified materials.
What We Like
  • Five-stage filtration
  • FDA-certified and BPA-free ABS plastic
  • Gets rid of most contaminants
  • Ideal for homes and outdoor spaces
What We Don’t Like
  • Quality control issues

Outdated Products

LifeStraw Steel Personal Water Filter (Outdated)

Emergency preparedness is a great thing to consider. No one knows what the future will bring. It can be a great day today, not tomorrow. It is why you always need to prepare for the unforeseen. It is not to say to think negatively. Still, it is to increase your chances to survive should there be an emergency or a disaster. Everyone must be prepared. One of the items you need in your bug-out bag is a water filter like this LifeStraw filter.

This straw is one of the most reliable water purifier straws because it is designed and made using a two-stage filtration that can filter not just contaminants but also improve the taste and odor of the water.

Also, I liked that the item is made of thick and durable stainless steel, which is food-grade. This material also meets authority standards, including the FDA. You can count on it in terms of its proven-quality and performance. Filter that improves the overall quality of the water also comes with a replaceable carbon capsule. You must replace it when needed to ensure the continued efficiency of this item.

This model can also reduce the organic chemicals, chlorine, bad taste, and odor in the water. I also liked its capacity of 1000 liters. We don’t even need to buy batteries to make it work. It also doesn’t need the use of chemicals nor pumping.

However, you might have to replace the carbon capsule, often depending on the water condition and consumption. But still, I liked that the filtration system is portable and handy. It is also ideal for travel and survival.
What We Like
What We Don’t Like
  • Might have to replace carbon capsule quickly if frequently used

WakiWaki Straw Filter (Outdated)

The WakiWaki Straw Filter is another excellent pick on this list. I do think that you should check it out for a reliable filter straw that works to deliver its job. It can filter water and improve its overall taste, odor, and appearance. You don’t have to drink any unsafe water when in the woods again. You might have bumped into this filter when reading a water purification straw review. For sure, you might have also found out how users appreciated the excellent properties of this filter straw.

For one, it is ideal for camping, trekking, hiking, and backpacking because it gets you prepared for any unwanted situation. For example, this item gets you ready for places where clean and safe water might be inaccessible. Using it, you can drink from a swamp or lake because it can filter out the contaminants that would otherwise lead to stomachaches and disorders.

The WakiWaki straw water filter is ideal for outdoor life. If you love backpacking and traveling, you should get one of these. It is also perfect for those that want to complete their bug-out bag and prepare for the unforeseen future.

This model also has a great capacity, which can filter contaminants with 0.01-micron size. It is excellent that it is advanced because it ensures of filtration of a broad range of sizes of contaminants. The filter straw can filter microplastics, dust, and sediments. It can also block those unwanted and harmful materials that can otherwise lead to digestive issues. The straw filter can filter up to 99.9% of contaminants.

However, it can be hard to clean, though. Nevertheless, it will depend on the water quality from where you are sourcing it. Also, this filter can remove up to 99.9% of contaminants and is easy to use. It is also ideal for travelers and backpackers.
What We Like
  • Ideal for outdoors and backpacking
  • Cleans and makes water safe for drinking
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Removes up to 99.9% contaminants
  • Easy to use and handy
What We Don’t Like
  • Can be challenging to clean

Epress Portable Water Filter (Outdated)

If you’re looking for reliable and long-service personal water filtration straws, you should check out this portable water filter. I liked its higher capacity, for one. This item can only filter up to 1000 liters of water, this item can filter up to 2000 liters of water, which is double the capacity, versus other straws on the market. You don’t need to replace it often, too, depending on the water condition and consumption.

The Personal Water Purifier is also a great camping and outdoor device. It is versatile and you can use it for trekking, climbing, and hiking. If you travel a lot, you can also use it to ensure you are drinking clean and safe water all the time. The EPRESS filter also comes with three pieces of filter straws. It just means that you have a backpack when you need to replace one. It is better than the others on the market that is only with one straw.

Also, the Epress Portable Water Filter lets you drink directly from the source, including the lake and river. You can also use it in other natural water sources and filter directly from them for clean water.

Also, the personal straw filter is reliable for removing up to 99.9% of contaminants from the water. With it, you can prevent waterborne disorders because it lets you drink clean and safe water all the time. This filter can block particulates, cysts, and sediments, among others.

I also liked that it is engineered with a 0.01-micron ultrafiltration membrane, which can block even tiny particles, not just sediments or silt. Another thing is that this straw filter is convenient and lightweight to bring anywhere. It will not add much weight to your backpack or whatever items that you’re bringing with you outdoors. Plus, it is convenient to use in that you can attach it to the included extension straw or a water bottle.

However, it can be pricier than the competition is. Nevertheless, you can count on it for its efficient filtration process. It is also what you need for different outdoor activities to ensure clean and pure drinking water all the time.
What We Like
  • Quality and long-service materials
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Lightweight for backpacking and traveling
  • Filters even tiny particles
  • Works without batteries
What We Don’t Like
  • A bit pricier

What Is A Water Filter Straw/ Who Is This For


Knowing that water will come out of our faucets as we turn it on, having access to water to flush our toilets and having that glass of water anytime you feel like drinking is a privilege for those who don’t have access to either clean or dirty water. Having access to clean and safe water is a blessing.

Initially to provide clean water access to the world’s most remote places like Africa where potable water is rare to none, a water filter came into play. A water filter straw will allow you to drink from natural water sources when you don’t have access to clean and potable water. What it does is convert unsafe water filled with thousands of parasites and deadly microorganisms to water that is safe and clean for human intake.

A water filter straw would have multiple purifiers integrated inside, so while sipping water from a natural reserve like a river, the water gets cleaned, filtering out those unwanted organisms and elements.

A water filter straw is for everybody. Water is life and a basic need, so having an easy means of access to make water safe for drinking is a massive sigh of relief. Campers and backpackers would usually have this handy, especially for long adventures in the wilderness. Anybody who doesn’t have access to clean and drinkable water is advised to have this because this will serve as the ultimate lifeline in replenishing our water needs. It’s ideal for day-to-day living in times of disasters and pandemics.

How Does It Work

A water filter straw, such as a Sawyer water filter, basically has a simple process, and it is straightforward to use too. All you need is to put the other end of the straw into your water resources like a stream or a river, and you drink on it like you are drinking a regular soda. As you sip, the water moves up and goes through all the integrated filters within that hollow tube. By the time it reaches your mouth, it is already safe and clean, with all the bacteria, chemicals and even viruses removed. After having your fill, you need to blow into the straw to remove any excess fluid.

It works very simply but all the fast action happens as the water rise in the direction of your mouth. The water will have to go through a series of filters to start blocking the larger contaminants and debris and then eventually go through finer membranes with a diameter of 15 microns and even less to catch and block smaller microorganisms. For the straw to filter out viruses, it should have an ultra-filtration system with a diameter of 0.1 microns.

Starting from the pre-filter phase up to the hollow fiber membrane and up to the carbon filters, it all works layer by layer to meticulously remove those unhealthy particles. Depending on the frequency of usage and the state of water you are filtering, a single water straw filter should be able to filter a year’s worth or about 1,000 liters of water.

What Are The Different Types Of Water Filter Straw


What makes each water filter different from the other is the levels of their filtration system. While all water filter straw has the main objective of removing bacteria, a good fraction of the straws does not remove chemicals. It will be easier to classify water straw filters based on their cost and unique features.

  • Basic and low-priced/at most two filtration layers – these is straws that fall between the affordable price range. Usually, it will have two layers of filtration systems. It is best to replace the filters after several hundred gallons of water. For a price like this, you only get the water filter straw with no accessories or cleaning tools.
  • Mid-priced/ at least two filtration layers – with a price tag ranging in the middle price range. These are water straw filters that would have two or three layers of filtration. Usually, it comes with straw accessories like a pouch or sometimes with cleaning instruments. A single straw is perfect for a thousand gallons of water before you need it to be replaced.
  • High-priced/can filter very tiny particles and can work as purifiers, too – these are the high-end water filter straws that can cost high. But with its price comes a filter that is capable of being water purifier. It can accommodate hundreds of thousands of gallons before it needs to be replaced. The reason why it costs more is it has a meager micron rating. It can filter contaminants with a size of 0.01 to 0.02 microns. These straws also come in with additional accessories to add more convenience to your side. It may come with a water pouch so you can easily collect water and filter it from the flask instead of directly from the source. It also comes with cleaning syringes to help you clean and flush any remaining debris that can cause any clogs. Lastly, a carrying case with a strap is included so you can easily transport it.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Water Filter Straw

A water filter straw can provide drastic changes when it comes to linking water access and safe water. It is one of the innovative inventions that really make a positive difference. Having a water straw filter gives you a lot of advantages; that’s why getting one is always a smart choice. The fact that you can drink water and filter it right from its source is such a bright idea.

One of the undeniable advantages is providing you the means to safe water that is free from debris, sediments, protozoa, bacteria, parasites, and even viruses. No one likes to drink dirty and nasty water, and you shouldn’t have to.

Another advantage of having this great straw is you don’t need massive and complicated filtering systems that limit your capacity to move. You don’t need to be stuck at home because your water filtration is there. You also don’t need to carry around a heavyweight with you. It is completely portable, lightweight, and compact. You can easily just put it in your backpack, and off you go. It doesn’t take up premium space from your emergency kit or travel bag.

Another benefit you get from using a portable water filtration system for home or travel is you have the freedom to choose your water resources. You don’t need to limit yourself and drink on the first river you chance upon. Any source of water will work fine, and you can be assured that you can drink safe water from it.

If you have existing camping water bottles or filtration systems, these straws can work with it too. It practically works everywhere so long as there is water. You can drink up straight from the stream, from a glass of water, or from a container bottle. You just put the straw from the pool of water, and it performs as expected. It is versatile, and using it is as simple as 1-2-3. No pumping or set up needed.

Another advantage of these water filter straws is it is an inexpensive tools. Purchasing one won’t require you to break the bank. It is not a dent in the budget, and you can use a single straw for half a year to more, depending on the frequency of usage and your water type. With proper care during handling, there shouldn’t be any reasons for it to break, so it is an investment for you. Everyone in your family can afford one.


Just a little hiccup on using filter straws would be over time, and it might clog up, causing some decrease in the water flow. This is a quick fix though. Just make sure that if there are signs of clogging already, you start to bring along a spare one or just opt for a replacement. Another expectation of being set is the water that goes through the straw is not ideal for storing or bottle and store.

Buying Guide


Getting a water filter straw is a smart choice. You may have the intent of using it for a certain activity or just decide to keep it for emergency purposes, but regardless, getting one can save you when in dire thirst and need. Nowadays, there are a lot of brands and models to choose from, each excellent providing features. Don’t be swayed. Here are some factors that you can keep in mind during your shopping:

  • EPA Certified – it would be recommended to buy a straw that passes the EPA standards. The EPA has put into place certain standards on the contaminant amounts that should be present in water. A straw that has likely passed this standard is confidence when it comes to quality and effectiveness.
  • Filtering Power – purifying is its main purpose, so it should be able to do it right, but this all gets determined by its micron rating. The micron rating is the size of your filter holes. The smaller it is, the fewer bacteria can go through. Usually, each water filter straw will have more than one layer of varying micron size. Depending on the source of your water, it plays a huge factor in the effectiveness of making the water safe for drinking. It will be most suitable to buy a filter with a 0.1-micron rating. Note that bacteria are usually between 0.2 to 2 microns when it comes to size, so a 0.1 is perfect.
  • Straw Care – you must consider the life span of your water filter straw. Again, the water resource and how often you use the straw come into play here. If your water resource has more bacteria, contaminants, and sediments, expect that clogging within the filters may happen. Frequent clogging is not a good sign. You also must check maintenance care that will be required before and after you use the straw.
  • Ease of Use – with a lot of water filter straws to choose from, with some coming with other accessories, you must check what will suit your needs. Can you bend down from the riverbank and use the straw straight from there, or would you rather have it in a container glass or perhaps linked to your water bottle. Again, it must be easy for you as the primary user. It should not cause you any inconvenience.
  • Purification Speed – this is like the usual water filtration flow rate. Normally, water filter straws come with a flow rate number. The higher the number is, the faster the water flow. You must understand that the water is being purified while you are sipping. Consider buying one that can at least filter 1 liter of water in less than 10 minutes.
  • Transportability – a water filter straw is not meant to be a stagnant accessory on the countertop. It is designed to be portable, so it needs to be compact and lightweight. It should not take up too much space, especially when you are out climbing mountains and crossing deserts. It should give you the vibe that it’s discreetly there inside your backpack, ready to be used when called for, but without its weight and size is known.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you drink urine through a LifeStraw?

No, you cannot (and SHOULD NOT!) drink urine through a LifeStraw. It is worth noting that even the best water filter straw can only filter suspended or undissolved particles, including ionic compounds or salts.

Although urine contains water, it also has dissolved ammonia, urea, and salts. LifeStraw cannot screen these chemicals. Hence, you will be drinking these, too.

We have seen how Bear Grylls and other celebrity survivalists drink urine in the wilderness, especially when water is unavailable. Although adventurous Reddit users can attest to this method’s effectiveness in dire situations, medical experts agree you should never drink your urine.

This is because urine’s waste products can produce electrolyte imbalances, dehydration, bacterial infection, and even kidney damage.

Survival Spring vs. LifeStraw: which is better?

The world’s first life-saving water filtration system in a straw form for emergency preparedness leaves AlexaPure’s Survival Spring in the dust.

First, let us look at their filtration performance. LifeStraw features an advanced 0.2-micron membrane microfilter that removes 99.999999% bacteria and 99.999% parasites, microplastics, cloudiness, sand, silt, and dirt.

On the other hand, Survival Spring has three filtration stages: a sediment pre-filter, a hollow fiber membrane filter, and a carbon filter. Despite its three-stage water filtration, Survival Spring can only remove 99% of bacteria. Their product description also does not mention the filter’s micron size.

Filtration capacity is also more significant in LifeStraw, lasting 1,000 gallons’ worth of water. Meanwhile, Survival Spring can only accommodate 300 gallons before requiring a filter change.

Although LifeStraw and Survival Spring only tested their products to meet NSF requirements, LifeStraw has a more stringent testing standard. It benchmarks its performance against the NSF/ANSI P231, while Survival Spring only measures its performance against NSF/ANSI 42.

LifeStraw is also cheaper than Survival Spring, making it the better filter straw water bottle.

Can a water filter straw expire?

The expiration of a water filter straw for camping depends on the brand. For example, LifeStraw has an infinite shelf-life. However, once opened, the filter will only last about five years or after filtering 1,000 gallons.

You might want to check a straw water filter’s technical specifications to determine its expiration.

Does a water filter straw filter out all contaminants?

No, a water filter straw for hiking, survival, and emergencies cannot remove ALL water contaminants.

For example, even though the LifeStraw membrane microfilter can remove 99.999% of parasites and 99.999999% of bacteria, the contaminant elimination rate is less than 100%. Moreover, it cannot filter dissolved salts.

Even a reverse osmosis system, which you cannot find in a water filter straw, can only eliminate substances with a diameter greater than 0.0001 microns.

What are the most trusted water filter straw brands?

Some of the most trusted brands in the category are LifeStraw, Sawyer-Products, and Etekcity. These brands are reputable that they aim to offer only the top-rated portable water filtration systems disaster relief to their consumers.

You can find that their products are rated highly by their customers, and there is no doubt. They are committed to offering top-notch filter straws that deliver. Check them out among the other brands featured in the above reviews. They can help you find a portable and personal filter to offer a long service life and a reliable performance.

What is better than LifeStraw?

The answer to this question can be subjective because people can have their preferences. Other great choices include ETEKCITY And Sawyer Products, among the rest featured in our reviews. They are popular among backpackers, hunters, and fishermen. They are also loved by mountaineers and hikers. Nevertheless, check the features to ensure you’re getting what you’re looking for in a filtering device like LifeStraw.

Does LifeStraw filter salt water?

While LifeStraw filters are for the backpackers, hunters, and survivalists in mind, they are not designed to remove the salt. They do nothing to get rid of the salt in the water. But if you’re looking to filter out waterborne protozoa and bacteria, these filters are amazing.

How to use a water filter straw properly?

The most suitable way to use it properly is to check the user manual that comes with your purchase. Some manufacturers can have specific instructions on how to use the water filter straw. For example, one LifeStraw filter needs uncapping and then inserting the end of it into the source of the water. The user will then have to sip through it.

How to care & clean?

All types of filters degrade over time due to the accumulation of sediments and other pollutants depending on the water source. Thus, they do not last forever. The filter needs replacement, too. Before and after use, you should clean the screen to get it ready for the next use. But then, it will be safest to check the manufacturer’s specific care and maintenance instructions as well as the overall capacity of the filter membrane before it needs replacement.

Where to buy?

You can buy these filter straws in Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot and Amazon. But for a broader selection, you can find them readily available in online marketplaces, such as Amazon. On the other hand, some people also buy from the online store of the manufacturer.


If you love backpacking, survival gear, and outdoor adventures, you should get yourself the best water filter straw. It is a handy filter straw that works straightforwardly to provide you with clean and fresh drinking water, especially in places where it could be impossible to find. To find the right one, make sure that you compare your options well, and find your convenient to use and portable water purifiers for travel today!

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