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The Best Smart Water Softeners for 2023

Writen by Ronald Brown

Fact checked by Natalie Bridges

Using a water softener offers many benefits for households that want to reduce the effects of hard water. But to get more of a water softening system, you might want to upgrade to the best smart water softener.

best smart water softener

It is pocket- and lifestyle-friendly while working effectively to improve the quality of your water supply. It can also save you time because it can calculate the salt and water consumption and show the remaining battery life, among other smart functions.

Smart water softeners offer exceptional convenience, energy savings, and water-softening efficiency. You can enjoy these benefits only if you consider the following factors.

  • User Controls: Smart appliances offer convenience above all else; this is also the case for smart water softeners. The top-rated products provide wireless internet connectivity, user-defined customizations, and effortless salt, water, and electrical management to improve water-softening efficiency. Buyers should research the different technologies and determine what they need to make the best buying decision.
  • Water-softening Capacity: A high-tech water softener might be effortless to use and control, but it would mean nothing if it only removes 10,000 grains of hard water minerals between regenerations. A water softener with a grain capacity of at least 32,000 is a better choice.
  • Regeneration Requirements: Homeowners should also look at how much water, salt, and electricity the water softener uses when regenerating. For instance, a water softener that consumes only 15 pounds of salt, 20 gallons of water, and 1 watt of electricity is more economical than a unit that regenerates with 20 pounds, 25 gallons, and 2 watts.

However, it is uneasy to look for a smart water softener because many of them are available. Here is a buying guide that will make the choosing process easier for you. We’re also featuring the most sought-after water softening systems on the market. If you’re ready, let’s begin with the following reviews.


Top-Rated Products

Best Overall

Whirlpool WHES40E


Editor’s Pick

EcoPure EPHS


Honorable Mention

Whirlpool WHESFC


Table of Contents

Top-Rated Smart Water Softener Reviews

1. Whirlpool WHES40E

The WHES40E is a large-capacity 40,000-grain smart water softener from Whirlpool Water Solutions. If you’re a large family of up to six members, you might want to check this item out. It can soften water effectively and reduce hard water adverse effects.

Using this best smart water softener, you can solve a wide range of hard water issues, including mineral stains in pipes, faucets, sinks, and other areas where water passes through to get to your home. These mineral stains, which also affect your water-utilizing appliances’ performance, can be eliminated by a softener like this one.

That’s not all because it can improve the lathering of soap and prevent the staining of clothing. With it, you can save plenty of time that you would spend doing the laundry.

Besides, the 40,000-grain water softener can extend the lifespan of your washing machine, coffee maker, and dishwasher because it helps keep their optimum performance. In this case, you also don’t need to worry about spending much money on expensive repairs.

Being a smart water softener, this is infused with a technology called demand-initiated regeneration. What does this mean?

It merely means it regenerates based on your water consumption and hardness level. That’s not all. It also translates to savings in water and salt. You can also experience convenience using it because it can calculate the water and salt needed to regenerate automatically.

On the downside, it is slightly more expensive than competitor products. However, if you’re more concerned about the quality than the price, you should check out this smart water softener, which comes with a complete installation kit and can be readily connected to a one-inch male pipe thread.

It is also a large-capacity softening system, which suits larger families. Finally, it’s by Whirlpool Water Solutions, one of the most reputable brands in the category. Check it out yourself.

What We Like
  • Demand-initiated regeneration to save salt and water
  • Can prevent the damage of water-utilizing appliances
  • Ideal for a family with up to six members for its high capacity
  • A complete installation kit with a bypass valve
  • Easy and ready to connect with a one-inch male pipe thread
What We Don’t Like
  • Slightly more expensive than competitors

2. EcoPure EPHS Conditioner

In terms of good credibility in making a highly trusted water softener, ECOPURE is at the top of the line. It contains various features that can help every household maintain the good taste, texture, and smell of water.

EcoPure EPHS Water Conditioner is the excellent pick among water softeners if your concern is your family’s safety and good health.

It can already do two jobs in a single tank, known as the softening of water and filtration of harmful elements. Rest assured that it performs 100% to remove some unwanted elements in the water, such as iron, calcium, chlorine, and lead. It also has NSF certification to back it up.

This water softener can already produce softened water for a minimum of one to four people. It can remove a maximum of 3 ppm of iron.

It can also save users in salt consumption since it possesses Salt Saving Technology. This feature boasts an auto-sense technology that gives accurate figures when to refill salt and how much salt and water is needed based on consumption.

What is more adorable about this item is that it is so easy to install and maintain. No complicated plumbing tools and professional fees are required to mount this machine.

It can be connected to a 1-inch NPT male pipe thread. Aside from that, this item also has high-technology programming controls to guide the user for proper use. It is also designed for residential installation either in Urban and Rural places.

It can only serve a limited number of people on the downside, so it might not be suitable if you intend to have a water conditioner for five or more consumers. There were consumer reports of the fitting inaccuracy in replacing a Kenmore water softener.

Nevertheless, EcoPure EPHS Conditioner can produce enough softened water if for a maximum of 4 people only. Also, it outshines other items in terms of durability and quality construction.
What We Like
  • Accurately calculates the level of salt and water needed
  • A single tank that can multitask by doing softening and filtration
  • Hassle-free installation process either in Urban or Rural places
  • Can serve at least 1 to 4 people
  • Transform hard water to soft and removes at least three ppm of iron
What We Don’t Like
  • Not suitable for consumption of more than four people
  • Few reports of fitting inaccuracy to replace Kenmore water softener

3. Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Hybrid

Now is the time to take a glance at this Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Hybrid– Softener if you want to achieve a single piece machine with dual-purpose. This model can soften hard water and, at the same time, filter other unwanted elements, such as chlorine and sediments.

In terms of practical investment, this model stands out among the generations of water softeners. This item can already serve a minimum of one to five people per daily consumption. No hefty fees are needed to purchase the actual device and no maintenance fees; hence, it can save you more money in the future.

Like most products made in the USA, it encompasses a quality that lasts and exhibits excellent performance. As mentioned earlier, it does multitask. Its number one capacity is to mitigate the hardness in the water no matter how tremendous it is.

What makes it super-efficient is that it has a 31, 000-grain capacity to filter harmful elements. It is also a reliable water softener for iron removal of at least three ppm iron, so the color of home appliances won’t fade. Furthermore, its removal rating is 12 grains per water gallon, which is larger than other competing brands.

When it comes to reducing water contaminants, it has a beautiful water filtration system that can improve the water’s taste, smell, and texture. That will result in a good quality of water, which is beneficial to the health of people.

Going back to being cost-effective, the Whirlpool WHESFC Hybrid Softener has some more economical mechanisms. A demand-initiated regeneration technology regulates its salt consumption. So, it only uses salt when activated, which is cost-effective.

Moreover, frequent replacement of the filter is unnecessary since it has a self-cleanse filter to maintain its best performance.

However, some clients reported that this model is not quite the most durable and robust water softener because most of them receive it with a crack or damage. But it can just be an issue of mishandled delivery of items.

With the characteristic mentioned earlier in this Whirlpool WHESFC Pro Series Hybrid – Softener, anyone will be happy to have this diligent machine that can multitask while being cost-saving.

What We Like
  • Cost-effective in terms of salt consumption
  • High performance with a capacity of 31,000 grain – 120 grains per gallon
  • A single tank that can multitask for a maximum of five consumers
  • Has a self-cleaning power, so replacement of the filter is not needed
  • Superb iron removal for up to 3ppm
What We Don’t Like
  • There might be issues with the materials’ quality

4. Tier1 Digital Water Softener

The Tier1 Store is one of the most reliable brands in smart water softeners because it ensures high performance and quality. One of their best offers so far is this high-capacity and efficient 48,000-grain smart softener.

Just like the Springwell water softener, it is also a top-rated item in the category for its efficient functions, including its digital meter control valve that adds to its convenient operations.

It features a bright and easy to read LCD, which ensures easy use, especially among beginners who have just upgraded to a digital water softener.

Aside from that, I like that the Tier1 Water Softener can help eliminate common hard water issues, including limescale buildup, which can otherwise lead to high spending on the repairs of plumbing systems. With that said, you can be sure about saving money in the end.

Besides, it ensures a fast installation for its quick connect fittings, so you can do it yourself even if you don’t have vast plumbing knowledge. I would also recommend this to households whose water supply has a high hardness level.

By choosing it, you can get rid of common issues, such as dry hair and itchy scalp and skin. Especially if you have family members who have sensitive skin, using this system can help them alleviate those issues associated with hard water.

However, this high-capacity 48,000-grain water softener is a bit expensive if you’re on a tight budget. But if you’re searching for a highly-efficient unit that reduces water hardness, you should include this smart water softening system on your list.
What We Like
  • Easy to read LCD and digital meter control valve adds the convenience of use
  • Can save money for its energy efficiency and performance
  • Smart and compact bypass valve saves more than four feet of space
  • A breeze to install even without plumbing knowledge
  • A high-capacity and efficient 48,000-grain smart softener
What We Don’t Like
  • Costs more than others

5. Whirlpool WHES30E Water Softener

Search no more if you’re looking for a hybrid model that works both as a softening and whole house filtration system. Check out the Whirlpool WHES30E, which saves you from the trouble of finding two units because this one does both water softening and filtration.

This model is also rated with a high capacity to accommodate up to 30,0000 grains of hardness before it requires regeneration. It is also NSF-certified to add to your peace of mind in terms of its performance and quality.

Using it, you can reduce hard water issues, including buildup on plumbing pipes, faucets, and water systems. It can also prevent problems like spots on dishes and plates and stains on coffee makers and washing machines.

I’d also like to recommend it for its ability to calculate water and salt consumption needed to regenerate, adding to its ease of use. It can also save water and salt in the end with such a feature. If you’re someone who wants this automatic feature, you might want to upgrade to this hybrid unit.

As it also works as a whole house filtration system, you can also significantly improve water quality besides reducing the water hardness. This ability also makes this money-saving because you don’t need to buy a separate filtration system.

Besides, the Whirlpool WHES30E is also easy to clean with a water softener cleanser to remove any scale buildup while maintaining efficiency.

On the downside, this model is not for larger households, though, because of its lower capacity rating than competitors. If you belong to a large family, you might want to consider the other products reviewed earlier.

Nevertheless, this product is high quality and efficient softening system and whole house filtration system rated at 30,000 Grain capacity before needing regeneration.

What We Like
  • Capacity is up to 30,0000 grains of water hardness level before regeneration
  • NSF-certified adds peace of mind of its quality, performance, and safety
  • Improves water quality to eliminate issues (e.g., spotting in dishes, etc.)
  • Automatic salt and water calculation
  • No need to buy a separate filtration system
What We Don’t Like
  • Not for larger households

Outdated Products

US Water Systems FLEXX PRO Series (Outdated)

Are you looking for an efficient water softener that works effectively in reducing the adverse effects of hard water in your household? Check out the FLEXX PRO Series water softener, which can be compared with a sound GE smart water softening system, for its quality and performance.

This water softener has a rated capacity of 53,000 grains or 15 GPM which is perfect for larger households consuming a more massive amount of water daily. I also liked that this water softener isn’t as expensive as big-name brands while ensuring its quality.

This budget-priced water softener has the fantastic features of an expensive model, including smart functions. For one, all you need is to set the water hardness and time of regeneration. Then, you can program the actual time of your phone.

When done, this system will set itself automatically. It will do the data gathering and tracking, including daily and monthly water usage and battery life.

Another great thing, this smart unit can communicate with your smartphone, adding to its ease of use. This model uses a 9V battery, allowing it to operate continually if the power goes out. This model is also with a stainless-steel bypass that is not prone to rust and corrosion.

Finally, I liked the fully programmable salt usage and cycles, giving users peace of mind to monitor these details. However, some people might find it tricky to use it for the first time if they have just upgraded to a smart system like it.

Nevertheless, most reports revealed that this unit is relatively straightforward to install and made of quality construction materials.

What We Like
  • Considered as a budget-friendly model
  • Rated capacity of 53,000 grains or 15 GPM suitable for large households
  • Automatically tracks data, including daily and monthly water usage
  • Long-lasting and rugged commercial-grade unit
  • Durable one-inch stainless-steel bypass valve
What We Don’t Like
  • Some might find it tricky to use the first time

GE GXSHC40N Smart Water Softener (Outdated)

The GE Appliances Smart Water Softener Model GXSHC40N is the perfect option for people who want to experience an excellent water softener system in their homes or commercial places. Check out more of its advantages in the following.

This water softener model is one of the sought-after brands among wise shoppers due to its powerful capacity to regulate the water texture at home. It has a 40,000-grain capacity, which can effortlessly work at 5100 gpg efficiency.

Hard water is composed of unwanted elements such as calcium and iron that this device can triumphantly mitigate. It can remove a maximum water hardness of 125 gpg and 8ppm of iron.

You will be amazed at how this salt-based water softener eradicates magnesium and calcium while cleansing the hard water. Although it needs salt to perform well, you won’t experience any hassle in replenishing since it can already handle 230 lbs in a single filling.

Furthermore, it is so good to know that it has a ‘days-to-empty’ feature to help you quickly determine when to refill salt. Aside from that, this device can save the user some cost for salt since it has a salt saver feature.

In the hustle-and-bustle of everyday life, this GE GXSHC40N is also a great addition to home gadgets that give terrific convenience. If you think that your smartphone applications are only related to bill payments and communication, think again because you will be surprised that even this water softener can be operated via smartphone.

Said SmartSoft Technology provides alerts to the user if there is still enough soft water for occupants. Furthermore, it will signal if there is a leak or open faucet at home so the user can immediately address the problem. Imagine the safety and convenience that it can bring at home, even if you are from a distance.

On the downside, this water softener requires strong internet or wifi connection so that its SmartSoft Technology can function well via smartphone. Nevertheless, most households nowadays already have internet access; hence, it won’t be an issue.

In terms of immense capacity to perform well and durability, this water softener will not disappoint you, too.

What We Like
  • Made with SmartSoft Technology with multiple uses and benefits
  • Easy installation and efficient operation
  • High efficiency with a capacity of 40,000 grain and 5100 gpg
  • Comes with a salt-saver technology, which helps save cost in the long term
  • Allows adjustment of water softness based on the user’s preference
What We Don’t Like
  • Need an internet connection to operate at full convenience
  • It is bulkier and heavier than other models.

Smart Water Softener Buying Guide


Clean and safe water is what every home should have. But what if you have hard water? It would be troublesome for your family. When you see spots after washing the dishes or scale deposits are seen in the coffee maker, those are signs of hard water.

If you are looking for a solution to hard water problems, consider installing a smart water softener. It is an efficient way to avoid damaging deposits on your appliances that use water. But with many products available, which one should you choose?

When you decide to install a water softener, there are necessary aspects you must consider before buying one. Through this buying guide, you will know which water softener is fit for your household needs.

Understand what a water softener is

Does your water exceed the required number of dissolved materials? If yes, you are facing the daily problems of having hard water. And it only means you need high-quality household equipment as a solution.

A water softener eliminates minerals that cause stains and damage to your clothing and other water-using appliances. With this device’s use, you can have soft water, which is essential for domestic use. By installing the right water softener, you can also save your budget.

Note that it has different types and sizes, as well as controls and features, though.


There are various types of water softeners. You can choose any among the four types of this equipment. But what you should consider is its certification. The product must be certified by NSF or ANSI 44 to make sure it operates efficiently.

  • Dual-Tank Water Softener

Regular recharging of this equipment is necessary to function efficiently, just like other water softeners. While recharging, the tanks operate alternatively. Unlike the single tank types, this water softener can still work while one tank is recharging.

  • Salt-based Ion Exchange Softener

This softener comes with two separate tanks where the water cycles. And it eliminates the contaminants in the water. One tank is with the brine, and the other holds the resin beads that work for ion exchange.

  • Electronic or Magnetic Water Softener

It is a plug-in type of water softener that sets up a magnetic field. During the process, it blocks or prevents the formation of deposits. Thus, it also functions as a descaler.

  • Salt-Free Water Softener

This type uses potassium chloride salt instead of sodium. It is an efficient tool that prevents the formation of harmful deposits in pipes and appliances that use water. Also, if you are avoiding excessive salt intake, it would be useful for you.


The size of the water softener is also one of the necessary factors for you to consider. It can function efficiently, depending on the size that you choose. If you want to know what size is right, you have to consider your household’s needs. Try to calculate how much water each person consumes daily.

Each person in a household consumes an average of 75 gallons. If you want to know the right size of water softener that you should buy, follow the formula below.

  • Calculate

Number of people in your household x 75 = Total Amount of Daily Water Consumption

After calculating the total amount of daily water consumption, you can do the final calculation as follows:

  • Calculate

Total Amount of Daily Water Consumption x Number of Grains per Gallon (GPG) = Capacity of Water Softener You Need.

Controls and Features

The controls and features of water softeners, such as a GE Smartwater softening system, are different. Some feature automatic functions, while others have adjustable controls. When it comes to this equipment’s controls, you can check the following most common forms.

  • Softener DIR (Demand-Initiated Regeneration)

The Softener DIR is well-known as a sophisticated type. It can determine whether the resin needs to recharge or not. Through a sensor or meter, it can measure a household’s water consumption. You can control both the salt and water when you enter the regeneration mode. If you think you are using or consuming a lot of water daily, this system might be your most suitable option.

  • Water Softener Timer

The use of an electronic timer is useful. But, unlike the Softener DIR, this type of control could waste salt and water. It may not be your best option if you are looking for a water softener with controls that saves both salt and water.

If you live in an area where hard water is a problem, consider buying a water softener. Keep in mind the necessary factors mentioned in this buying guide, which you should check carefully to have the right device. Once you decide to purchase a water softener, like a GE smart water softener, check its quality, too.

We also have a list of the mwf water filter for your reference. Furthermore, check our reviews about top-tier water distiller if you need

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which brand has the most effective smart water softener?

Harvey produces the most effective smart water softener; the Good Housekeeping water softener reviews also share the same consensus. The brand’s product has a compact design, with its twin-cylinder construction ensuring uninterrupted soft water supply.

The Smart HarveyArc water softener uses 30% less electricity than other brands. It is also WiFi controlled, allowing users to monitor its salt levels from afar with the myHarvey app. It also has the Smart shuttle technology for maximizing water flow rate and an advanced ion exchange resin for unparalleled hard water mineral removal.

SmartChoice is another brand worth considering when buying an effective smart water softener. Like Harvey, a Smart Choice water softener has ultra-low power consumption, revolutionary Vortech technology, and plug-and-play user-friendliness.

Whirlpool, General Electric (GE), Tier1, EcoPure, and US Water Systems also make highly efficient smart water softeners. You can check out their offerings and read real-world customer reviews.

GE vs Whirlpool water softener: which is better?

General Electric (GE) and Whirlpool are two of the world’s most trusted appliance brands, and choosing which has a better water softener depends on user preferences.

For instance, GE water softeners are perfect for homeowners who want to conserve as much energy as possible while also allowing for customization. Meanwhile, Whirlpool water softeners are ideal for households with limited space and who want cutting-edge digital “self-sense” technology.

GE water softeners are also popular for their smart technologies (i.e., SmartSoft) and self-cleaning functions while saving families on salt, water, and energy consumption.

Meanwhile, Whirlpool water softeners are more affordable than GE units, and their 6th Sense technology optimizes salt and water consumption during regeneration. These water softeners also retain programming memory.

As far as water-softening capability goes, Whirlpool has a slight edge over GE products. On the other hand, GE water softeners guarantee better flow rates than Whirlpool.

Do water softeners regenerate automatically?

Yes, water softeners regenerate automatically. However, some water softeners have manual override mechanisms allowing homeowners to “recharge” the ion exchange resins as they see fit.

Most residential and commercial water softeners feature demand-initiated regeneration technologies. This system uses a metered valve that tracks water consumption and compares it to the preset threshold. It regenerates automatically when the system reaches that “limit.”

Meanwhile, some water softeners have time-initiated regeneration systems. Homeowners with these products can program their devices to regenerate after a predetermined time.

The issue with these systems is the water softener regenerates regardless of the state of the ion exchange resin.

What to do when smart water softening systems start overflowing?

The first thing you want to do when you notice the smart water softener starting to overflow is to check the brine line. An improperly connected brine line can cause the water to enter straight into the brine tank and overflow.

Then, check the brine tank for salt bridges because salt can form clumps and clog the water pathway. Water obstructions can prevent the water from entering the brine tank, causing overflowing. Remove the salt deposits if you see them obstructing the water pathway.

The easiest way to manage brine tank overflow is by activating the water softener’s regeneration cycle. Although most smart water softeners have demand-initiated regeneration, some have override systems to recharge the resins manually when needed.

If water softener regeneration does not stop the overflow, you can check the drain line for blockage. You can also inspect the valves and other water softener components for possible clogging. Clear these obstructions if you see them.

Lastly, assess the water softener’s safety float. Try to remove the safety float gently and wash it with hot water for two to three minutes. Move the safety float up and down, ensuring free movement.


By now, you probably have an idea of the best smart water softener that you should buy based on the number of people in your household, budget, type of softener, and quality, among other things.

When figuring and comparing your options like a GE vs. an AO smith water softener, you must also check its grain capacity to ensure that the unit can soften your water efficiently before it needs regeneration.

Finally, weigh the pros and cons of each product featured above to decide which one might be the most suitable for you. Buy a smart water softening system today!

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